Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 4


Frequent suicide of cotton farmers has become a social issue puzzling India. Because of the global cotton over supply, the price dropped dramatically leading to a worsen poverty situation for Indian cotton farmers. According to Fuji Sankei news’s report on the 24th, the second largest cotton produce region in India, Maharashtra, with population of approximate 12 million, carried the highest suicide count in the country. The number of cotton farmers committed suicide last year was 4200 in this state, which was equivalently to have 12 people kill themselves daily on average. Also, this number is still rising.


Representative of local farmer group expressed that the suicidal situation of cotton farmer had been further increased this year. Under the influence of sharply drop in cotton price in the country every three years, decreasing purchase from the largest cotton import country in the world, China, and others, the world cotton storage has doubled in the past four years. Indian cotton association predicted, the cotton export volume this year would decrease over 58%. Indian cotton’s unit price is $0.02 higher than the international price; even though lowing the price can insure the export volume, cotton farmers would still not be able to make a living. Santos Nasam in charge of new product development in Maharashtra said, in the past 15 years, many cotton farmers in that region took pesticide, hung or burnt themselves due to the unbearable living condition. The significance of this problem is very worrying.


Indian prime minister Modi claimed in the swearing-in ceremony last year in May that he would increase the price of all agricultural products in 50%, but Indian government still wasn’t able to introduce any effective policy to relieve cotton farmers from their suffering. Although government has proposed forbidding cotton import and providing subsidy to cotton exporting trade, it has not been able to guarantee a minimal price to protect cotton farmers’ basic living, which led to more loss from more grow. Thus, many cotton farmers failed to pay debt in time and were pushed to extremes.

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