Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Si Nan Page No. : 05

In order to vacate seats for two Indian officials who changed their mind to take an airplane before it took off, Air India forced 3 passengers to unboard the plane when the door of the cabin has already been closed.


India’s New Delhi TV said in a report on July 2, 2015 that Nilmar Singh, provincial governor, and Kiren Rijiju, Deputy-Minister of Ministry of the Interior planned to take a helicopter to Delhi after attending an activity in eastern region on June 24, 2015. However, because of the bad weather, their assistants arranged a civil airliner for them. When they arrived the airport, the cabin of their plane had been closed and was about to take off. But in order to let them board the plane, Air India demanded that an air force official and his two family members to get off the plane and wait for another one.

After it was exposed by media, the two high officials first denied any responsibility for the delay of the plane, causing great anger among the public. Driven by the pressure, Kiren Rijiju made a statement on July 2,2015 apologizing to passengers who were affected.




环球时报记者/思 南









事件曝光后,这两名高官最初否认因个人原因造成班机延误,引发印度舆论强烈不满。迫于压力,李继竹2日公开发表声明,向受影响乘客致歉。▲ (思 南)

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