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New Delhi, July 14   On Tuesday, 27 people have been killed and around 30 were injured in a stampede during a religious festival in Southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh on Tuesday, spokesperson of the state said.


The accident happened in the Rajahmundry district at Pushkaram, during a religious festival in India. Pilgrims went to take dip in the water one after another in the Godavari River early in the morning. At 8 in the morning, the first group of pilgrims went ashore when pilgrims on the bank swarmed forward and shoved them down. After the tragedy, Indian PM Modi expressed his deep grief. The State Government of Andhra Pradesh stated that it would allocate money to the bereaved family and cover the medical expenses of the injured.




人民日报记者/邹松 发自新德里


本报新德里7月14日电  (记者邹松)印度南部的安得拉邦新闻发言人14日证实,当天的浴河节活动发生踩踏事故,目前已造成27人死亡,另有约30人受伤被送往医院。


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