Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Chen Chen  RenZhong (Special correspondent in India) Page No. : 3

According to a Sep 27 report in Indian newspaper, The Economic Times, since India started issuing evisa to Chinese citizens, nearly 300 applications are coming every day. Indian Home Ministry has decided to simplify application screening process. Intelligence agencies will review the applications online to ensure that Chinese nationals can get their visas within 3 days.

An Indian Home Ministry official told The Economic Times that earlier Intelligence agencies had reservations about relaxing the visa application screening for Chinese nationals. Besides checking the blacklist, they also checked the antecedents of the Chinese nationals, for example if they had visited Pakistan etc. Therefore it was usually not possible to decide in three days whether to grant visa or not. India Today quoted sources, as saying that according to Intelligence agencies, since electronic visa is a completely online process, there is a potential security risk, and for some countries there should still be a “rigorous electronic visa system” in place.

However, the Foreign and Tourism department of India are very actively promoting measures to facilitate visas to the Chinese people. A Chinese official told ET,, on the condition of anonymity, that since the implementation of the electronic tourist visa (eTV) services, the number of Chinese tourists visiting India has increased two to three fold. Indian government official said that Indian side expects more Chinese people to visit India, and hopes next year their number may surpass the tourists coming mainly from countries like USA and Germany.

India is rich in tourist resources, but its tourism industry has not fully tapped the potential. In fact, as far as tourism industry is concerned, the biggest problem is not visa but poor law and order situation; usually women don’t dare to travel alone. Besides improving the law and order situation, India also needs to be more hospitable towards tourists. At present, the tourist spots don’t have adequate public transport and hotel resources, especially in the peak tourist season.



  印度《经济时报》27日报道称,自印度政府开始向中国公民发放电子旅游签证,现在日申请量已近300人。印度内政部决定简化安全审查流程, 情报部门将在线审查申请资料, 以确保中国公民3日之内可以拿到签证。

  印度一名内政部官员告诉《经济时报》,情报部门之前就放宽对中国人的签证审查持保留态度,他们除进行黑名单比对,中国公民的其他身份背景信息,比如入境巴基斯坦等情况都在审查之列。因此, 3天之内通常不能决定是否批准签证。《今日印度》援引消息人士的话说,印度情报部门认为,由于电子签证全都在网上完成,很可能存在安全漏洞,部分国家还是适用“严格的电子签证系统”。





作者 : 本版驻印度特约记者: 陈晨。 任重



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