Journal : Jiefang Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Xinhua News Agency, Mumbai, Sep.28th—Carried by the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C30), India’s first space telescope Astrosat has successfully reached the orbit after being launched at the astronautical center in Andhra Pradesh at 10 o’clock on Sep.28 local time.


Indian space research organization told media that Astrosat is a satellite with high precision for space observation. It carries five effective observing loads including an ultraviolet telescope, and will perform tasks lasting five years. Its main assignments will be obtaining space observation date. Local media reported that the successful launching of Astrosat marks India’s entrance into the space telescope club that previously only included America, Europe, Japan and Russia.


Although some western media noted Astrosat as India’s Hubble Space Telescope, Indian experts considered this comparison improper as Hubble Space Telescope launched by NASA is ten times heavier than India’s Astrosat. Moreover, Hubble costs 2.5 billion USD while Astrosat only costs 1.8 billion Rs (around 27 million USD).




据新华社孟买9月28日电 印度首枚太空天文望远镜(Astrosat)于当地时间28日10时由印度极地卫星运载火箭(PSLV-C30)从位于安得拉邦的航天中心发射升空,并成功入轨。



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