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I2015-10-10 瑞思凯诗瑜伽  10th October 2015; Rishikesh Yoga



As if in just a passing instant, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s name has begun popping up frequently in the international media. With the third highest number of followers on the popular social networking site Twitter, after U.S. President Barak Obama and the Pope; the Prime Minister has also polled a record number of votes to be selected “Person of the year” by the American -owned Time magazine. The following article attempts to dig into some aspects of the personality of this internet celebrity who, while practicing Yoga on one hand, has clambered to the pinnacle of power.

Photo: 【打小火车站卖茶水】[He once sold tea at a small railway station]


Narendra Modi was born in a small town called Vadnagar in India’s western state of Gujarat in the year 1950. This place would be basically equivalent to a rural- urban fringe zone in a tier three city along China’s south west coast line. Moreover, his so-called “Ghanchi” caste was a relatively low ranking one, in the Indian caste hierarchy, consisting of a community of people who relied on the production of vegetable oil for a living. The social status of a “Ghanchi” would not even be roughly that of a “poor peasant” in pre – liberation China. Little Narendra was the third of many children and from an early age, he would accompany his father to the entrance of the local railway station to sell tea. At present, this train station has been developed into a famous tourist attraction and many travel agencies can be seen advertising for tours named “One day tour of the Prime Minister’s hometown”.

Photo 【骗妻子禁欲装单身】[He is said to be a celibate. He cheated his wife and pretended to be single.]


Narendra’s marriage was arranged by his family to a 17 year old, Jashodaben, who was from the same village as him at the age of 18. Modi was clearly not satisfied with this marriage and he first told the young woman that he was a practitioner of celibacy. Three months after their marriage, he turned away from home and wandered around the Himalaya mountains and places near the region around the Ganges River basin for two years. Carrying the flag of political idealism; he gave a cold shoulder to his wife. Oh, and Modi is a Virgo. For nearly half a century, Modi has always been claiming that he is “single” and he has made no mention of the wife he was legally married to at one point of time. Right until last year, just before when the national elections were held, when he was unable to continue hiding this fact; in the application form that he filled before the elections, he ticked the box that said “Married” in the Marital Status column. The senior politicians of other nations take their wives along for a bit of “first lady diplomacy” on foreign trips; but the situation of this one who does not even have the status of a “first lady” is the most tragic in history.

Photo 【结发少妻苦守47年】[He made his wife of 47 years to endure hardships]


Modi’s wife story is a bitter story of wasted youth spent living alone in an empty house. At present, the 63 year old “first lady” is living alone in a small remote village that is 35 km from Modi’s hometown on a monthly retirement pension of only 14,000 rupees (about 1388 Chinese yuan). The key issue is that the two of them never officially divorced, for 47 years Jashodaben took heed to her virtue and often prayed for Modi and for him to rise smoothly in his career. Such a virtuous wife unexpectedly ended up living all alone till her old age. “Modi, do you still remember that “someone” who accompanied you to the entrance of the village railway station to sell tea?”

Photo 【吃素不近女色的工作狂】[The Vegetarian workaholic who does not go near women]


However, workaholic Modi really likes to stay away from members of the opposite sex. Other than work, the only activity that brings joy and happiness to Modi is yoga. Grandpa Modi is very perseverant and consistently wakes up at 4 am every morning to practice Yoga for an hour. After completing his meditation, he surfs the Internet for another hour, mostly browsing through articles about himself in various news media and maintains his profiles and feeds in the social networking platforms he is active in. His staff and functionaries start receiving calls from him at 5:30 am. That said, Grandpa Modi became the lead Yoga Promotion Ambassador when he proposed the establishment of the “International Yoga Day” at an address to the United Nations. The proposal was very successful and was cleared with a high number of votes in its favor. Millions of Yoga fans all over the world welcomed the first “International Yoga Day” on June 21st 2015 by performing Yoga; Modi participated enthusiastically in the events and performed Yoga exercises with more than 35,000 people at a single venue and created a new Guinness world record in the process. As a vegetarian, he can really spend a lifetime without eating salt, pepper and oil and as for alcohol, he doesn’t drink a drop.

Photo【地方政治明星】[He is a Regional political star]


At the impressionable age of 20, a hot blooded Modi joined an association of “Avengers” whose structure is similar to the “Boxers” (Translator’s note: a Chinese nationalist youth group which caused a rebellion in the year 1900) – The national volunteer alliance (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh), which is the precursor to Modi’s political party, the Bharatiya Janata Party. In the beginning, Modi would only serve this right wing group’s leaders by pouring tea and water and keeping their tables and offices clean. Later, because of his oratorical eloquence, he was very soon promoted to the post of publicity officer. In 1980, the Bharatiya Janata Party was founded and thirty- something Modi effortlessly became one of the mainstays of the party. In 2001, he offered his services and successfully volunteered himself to lead the party in his hometown, Gujarat state. He was elected the State’s chief minister and he headed the government for 13 years where he carried out massive economic reforms that led to an economic boom. The GDP quadrupled in the 13 years he was in power and he came to be known as India’s premier political celebrity.

Photo【逆袭打败国大党】[He counter attacked and defeated the Congress party]


In the 2014 national general elections, this “Prime Minister who literally rose out of the doghouse” led the Bharatiya Janata Party and vanquished the “urban, high caste, English educated” tall, rich and handsome Congress Party in a highly successful counter attack and strode into the limelight of the international arena. Plainly speaking, Modi had yet again played the economic development card. When he had announced his candidacy for the Prime Minister of India, Gujarat’s exports accounted for 25% of India’s total exports while its population was only 5% of the Indian population. Modi, who successfully forged of an economic miracle in his home state by imitating the “Guangdong model”, naturally became the Indian people’s hope for the future.

Photo【社交网络红人】[He is a social network celebrity]


Modi is a celebrity on international social networking websites and that status has been achieved by exquisite and “aggressive promotion of the ‘Modi’ brand”. The Prime Minister has spent a lot of effort and money to create his own official website ( It is available in 13 different language versions including English, Hindi and Chinese. The photographs of Modi in the official website have the feel and effect of the star of a major movie. He spends at least an hour every day on enlivening his twitter account and has sent out more than 8000 tweets. It is no mean achievement to be so active for a person of his age. Before his visit to China he took efforts to register on Weibo, China’s micro blogging platform. His first message on Weibo “Hello China” detonated a volley of praise from China’s netizens.

Photo 【在意个人形象】[He is conscious about his personal image]


Prime Minister Modi really cares about how he projects his personal image. When he made an official visit to America to meet with President Barak Obama, he got a specially customized Western suit stitched. The vertical stripes on the jacket were not just ordinary stripes but his own name, “Narendra Modi”, in a miniature font sewn with gold thread. This was dug out by the sharp eyed media and labeled as wantonly ridiculous. The Indian opposition sarcastically used the phrase “Emancipated serf who became a landlord” to describe his preference for brightly colored clothes and his unconventional dressing sense.

Photo【修身养性却暴脾气】[He is self- cultivated but is said to have a violent temper]


Although he has always used yoga for self- cultivation, it doesn’t seem to be having a cure for Grandfather Modi’s inborn violent temper. In one of his past television interviews that was telecast live across the country, he had stormed out of the recording studio when confronted with uncomfortable questions by the host. After taking over as the Prime Minister, he unexpectedly started suppressing the same party activists based on whose efforts he had won the elections. It might seem ungrateful that he has not only abandoned his wife, but also forgot the brothers who helped him bring down the last government. In the year 2002, when Modi was the Chief Minister of his home state of Gujarat, a violent religious conflict occurred there. For his participation in this conflict, Modi’s name was once listed on the United States Official immigration blacklist.

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