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India will conduct a large-scale military exercise to the North of the Bay of Bengal and south of the Andaman Sea, displaying dozens of warships, nuclear powered submarines and carrier aircrafts  on the east sea of India in the next two weeks. According to the Indian Bulletin expert, this military exercise is in response to China’s maritime military power and increasing daily maritime activity, but actually the Indian navy needs to take up the challenge of increasing its capabilities in order to meet future threats.

On December 24, a number of Indian media publications published a statement from the Indian navy. According to the details disclosed, the military equipment on display in this military exercise, includes: 24 warships, two submarines and more than 10 fighter jets. Notably, its nuclear submarine “Chakra” will also be present. This time, rather unusually, warships such as the CA-31 airborne, P-8I anti submarine patrol aircraft and early warning helicopters that  are deployed in India’s Arabian Sea on the west coast will also be present.

The military exercise will simulate a variety of maritime military conflicts on sea, testing the coping capacity and tactical skills of the Indian military during crises. According to a information revealed by news website Webindia123, a variety of tactical weapons will be on display in this military exercise and various Surface-to Surface and Surface-to-air missile will be launched.

According to a December 24 PTI article, the frequency of Chinese submarine appearing in Indian Ocean increased in the past few years. Although China has consistently maintained that this activity is for anti-piracy operations, the Indian security establishment remains skeptical.

The number and scale of Indian military exercises in India ocean have been increasing every year. Some that catch the eye include the India-America, India-Russia and India-Japan military exercises. Analysis claims that the aim of India’s strengthened military (in maritime space) is very clearly to restrain China. Some Indian publications even use descriptions like “Delhi to send a signal to China” in reports that cover large scale Indian naval exercise.

As far as the Chinese navy is considered, it is normal to navigate and hold exercises in Indian ocean waters. These actions are not specially directed against specific countries. It is reported that the Chinese navy is holding drills, firing live ammunition in India ocean, while India holds this large-scale navy military exercise. This is the first time our country’s 22nd naval convoy held training for tactical light weapons and firing in Indian ocean. Furthermore, in regard to the statements that Chinese submarines show up in the India ocean, the Chinese response is that such regular navigation requires frequent stops at related ports for replenishing supplies, and that India has been informed of these activities which do not hurt any country’s interest.








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