45: Indian Health Minister appealed to not be afraid of flu. Global Times (Chinese)
44: Japanese media: China, India and Russia will inevitably ally Global Times (Chinese)
The first “domino” of Indo-Pakistan war. PLA Daily (English)
42: Indian manufacturers are still attracted by China Global Times (Chinese)
41: Prices slump in cotton led Indian farmers to suicide. Global Times (Chinese)
Chinese in Calcutta advise India to “look ahead”. Global Times (Chinese)
39: China expressed strong opposition about the activities on disputed region of the leaders of India. PLA Daily
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37: India and Pakistan Repeated “cricket diplomacy” Jiefang Daily
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29: Is it a blessing or a curse that the US help India to build aircraft carriers? Global Times (Chinese)
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20: Xi Jinping Met with Indian Foreign Minister Swaraj. PLA Daily
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