92: China Pakistan relationship in the eyes of Xi Jinping: Diehard friends and all-weather strategic partners website People.cn (under People's Daily)
91: “China Pakistan friendship” featured on People’s Daily headlines 74 times – all weather friendship stronger than ever before website People.cn (under People's Daily)
Indian media: China’s “Marine Silk Road” wants to link India’s “Season Plan”. Global Times (Chinese)
89: India will release the authority pollution data for the first time. Global Times (Chinese)
88: Presidential envoy of Myanmar apologises to Chinese who were killed on border. PLA Daily
87: Presidential envoy of Myanmar apologises for the Chinese who were killed Global Times (Chinese)
86: India wants to surpass China in iron and steel production Global Times (Chinese)
85: Military officials from 30 countries to discuss ‘Asian Security’ at Shangri-La Dialogue Global Times (Chinese)