333: India provides e-visa to Chinese nationals Xinhua net
332: India says Pakistan firing on Kashmir LoC kills its trooper Xinhua net
India’s decision to hang the criminal of Mumbai bombings sparks controversy Global Times (Chinese)
330: India hangs 1993 Mumbai bomber:Execution 22 years after blasts spurs public debate Global Times (English)
329: 2 Indian children killed, 4 injured as train engine smashes school van Global Times (English)
328: India executes man for role in 1993 Mumbai blasts Xinhua net
UN projects India to overtake China as world’s biggest country around 2022 Xinhua net
326: India executes man for role in 1993 Mumbai blasts Xinhua net
325: China and India to open new station for border meetings Global Times (Chinese)
324: Death toll in rain-related incidents in western Indian state reaches 22 Xinhua net
323: Muslim terrorist files fresh mercy plea day before hanging Xinhua net
322: 2 killed in building collapse near Mumbai Xinhua net
S’pore leaders convey condolences over death of former Indian President Kalam Xinhua net
Indian Supreme Court rejects Muslim terrorist’s last-ditch plea to stay his execution Xinhua net
319: India “missile man” passed away during a lecture Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
318: India announces 7-day mourning for the loss of “missile man” Global Times (Chinese)
317: Roundup: Indian police station attack kills 10 Xinhua (English)
316: Indian chief minister cancels meeting with Pakistan envoy following terror attack Xinhua (English)
315: India pays tributes to ex-president, Missile Man Abdul Kalam Xinhua (English)
314: Fijian PM condoles death of former Indian President Abdul Kalam Xinhua (English)
313: Nepal condemns terror attack in India Xinhua (English)
312: Pakistan condemns terrorist attack in India Xinhua (English)
311: 6 killed in terror attacks in N. India Xinhua (English)
310: Police station siege ends in India Xinhua (English)
309: Terrorists attack police station in Indian state of Punjab Xinhua (English)
308: Modi seeks skill-building for India in bid to find new place in world Global Times (English)
307: With China as Friend, Pakistan teasing India Global Times (Chinese)
Bangladesh expresses concern about India’s river-linking plan Xinhua (English)
305: 9 killed by lightning in east India Xinhua (English)
304: Young Talents of India enter the job seeking season People's Daily (Chinese)
303: Indian banks adopt “unusual moves” to recover debts Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
302: India is apprehensive as Maldives allows foreigners to buy land Global Times (Chinese)
301: India expresses concerns over U.S. military sale to Pakistan Xinhua net
Bangladeshi party urges gov’t to oppose India’s river linking project Xinhua net
299: Indian Navy rescues 20 people on board sinking ship off Mumbai coast Xinhua net
298: 13 died, 22 affected by Japanese Encephalitis in NE India Xinhua net
297: India planning mission to Venus: media Xinhua net
296: Wind turbine producer Vestas gets 46mw order in India Xinhua net
20th batch of China’s navy escorting formation visits India PLA Daily (Chinese)
294: 3/4 of condemned criminals in India are from the lower class people Global Times (Chinese)
293: Indian PM greets Belgium on its National Day Xinhua net
292: Indian stocks open lower Xinhua net
291: Foreign exchange rates in India Xinhua net
290: People gather during mass rally organized by TMC in Kolkata, India Xinhua net
289: India says to acquire 36 French fighter jets on Air Force approved configuration Xinhua net
288: India to hang Muslim terrorist July 30 after apex court rejects plea Xinhua net
287: Experts eye underground problems China Daily (English)
286: India media: China has four times more submarines than India Global Times (Chinese)
China’s subs in Indian Ocean no worry for India China Daily (English)
284: UN observers visit border villages after "Indian firing," says Pakistani army Xinhua (English)
283: India’s second homemade aircraft carrier “following America” Global Times (Chinese)
282: India hopes to move forward in cooperating with Pakistan to fight terrorism: official Xinhua (English)
281: China starts assembly of world’s largest amphibious aircraft People's Daily (English)
280: 4 wounded in India, Pakistan firing on Kashmir border Xinhua net
279: Pakistan and India quarrels over shot down drone Global Times (Chinese)
278: Tension again rises between India, Pakistan over shelling in Kashmir Xinhua net
277: India denies Pakistan shoot down of spy drone in Kashmir Global Times (English)
276: Woman killed, 3 wounded as India, Pakistan border guards exchange fire on Kashmir border Xinhua net
Kashmir separatist leader turns down Pakistan’s Eid party invitation Xinhua net
274: The shocking truth about India’s smog Phoenix Weekly
273: Exam cheating in India leads to serial homicide cases People's Daily (Chinese)
272: 27 killed in a stampede in Andhra Pradesh, India People's Daily (Chinese)
271: Foxconn’s journey to India beset with difficulties Global Times (Chinese)
270: Modi expressed heartfelt sadness over stampede tragedy Global Times (Chinese)
269: Indian-controlled Kashmir to curb separatist rally Xinhua net
268: Indian population to overtake China’s by 2050 Global Times (Chinese)
267: Protesters manhandle parliamentarian in Indian-controlled Kashmir, set ablaze vehicle Xinhua net
266: India launches 5 British satellites with rocket in record heavy load Xinhua net
265: Sino-UK remote sensing satellite constellation launched Shanghai Daily
Indian capital’s airport put on alert after bomb call Xinhua net
263: SCO welcomes India, Pakistan Global Times (English)
262: SCO to grant membership and enhance mutual understandings between India and Pakistan Global Times (Chinese)
261: Remains of missing Indian coast guard Dornier aircraft found Xinhua net
260: India, Pakistan agree to revive stalled dialogue Xinhua net
259: India Is Behind China in Building Its Middle Class Global Times (Chinese)
258: Putin talks to Modi on health: I want to learn Yoga Global Times (Chinese)
257: Xi Jinping meets Indian PM Modi Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
256: Xi Jinping meets Indian PM Modi People's Daily (Chinese)
255: Xi Jinping meets Indian PM Modi People's Daily (Chinese)
254: Pakistan and India to join SCO in Ufa Summit Global Times (Chinese)
253: Seeking for cooperation, Indian PM visits Central Asia People's Daily (Chinese)
252: Beijing’s “win-win” diplomacy worries India Global Times (Chinese)
251: Indian, Pakistani PMs to meet in Russia: report Xinhua net
250: Indian PM leaves for tour of 5 Central Asian countries, Russia Xinhua net
249: Modi begins his whirlwind visits to central Asia Global Times (Chinese)
248: India inquiries into fake diplomas Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
247: Cheating in medical exams:India mirrors shortage of educational resources People's Daily (Chinese)
246: India airline: leaders first Global Times (Chinese)
245: Modi wishes Chinese Premier Happy Birthday on Weibo Global Times (Chinese)
244: India navy: Chinese submarine visiting Pakistan, no worries Global Times (Chinese)
243: Indian PM to visit C. Asia to discuss countering IS Xinhua net
242: Indian Ocean cannot be backyard of India, says China Asia Times