412: Unemployment, youthful population drive riots in Modi’s former province Global Times (English)
411: India plans to drill exploratory wells in disputed waters of South China Sea Global Times (Chinese)
410: What is the impact of fire exchange along India-Pakistan Border? Jiefang Daily
409: Pakistan Military: Indian cross-border fire kills 6 civilians Guangming Daily
408: Army deployed to ease tension in Modi’s home state Global Times (Chinese)
407: India’s state of Gujarat in turmoil Journal Not Selected
406: Indian firing kills three Pakistanis: report Xinhua net
405: India says skirmishes with Pakistan on Kashmir border kills 1, wounds 6 Global Times (English)
404: India declared tetanus free for mothers, newborns: Modi Xinhua net
403: China, not India, is the world’s biggest democracy Global Times (Chinese)
402: Indian govt to allow land acquisition bill to lapse, says PM Xinhua net
401: Indian media plays up China’s “high-altitude radar network” Global Times (Chinese)
400: A truck-train collision in India kills six People's Daily (Chinese)
399: India plans to house world’s largest solar power station People's Daily (Chinese)
398: Why so many CEOs of multinational corporations are Indians ? China Economic Weekly
397: India strengthens ties with Pacific island countries: bid for permanent membership of UN Security Council, and to “check and balance” China? NA
396: India-Pakistan security meeting cancelled Global Times (Chinese)
395: India’s “ghost” airports stand empty Global Times (Chinese)
394: UAE, India release joint statement on counter-terrorism PLA Daily (Chinese)
393: India gives security clearance to 18 Chinese companies Global Times (Chinese)
392: China highlights contributions by Indians in helping defeat Japanese fascists in WWII Xinhua net
391: 7 killed as landslide hits temple in northern India Global Times (English)
390: Indian policeman, civilian killed in militant attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
389: China highlights contributions by Indians in helping defeat Japanese fascists in WWII Xinhua net
388: Indian PM strongly condemns bomb blast in Bangkok Global Times (English)
387: Indian policeman, civilian killed in militant attack on police post in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
386: Many more Indians hold senior positions in Silicon Valley than Chinese, why? Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
385: New border meeting point reflects mutual trust between China and India Global Times (Chinese)
384: New Xiaomi phone presages the future of the Sino-Indian economy Global Times (English)
383: India-Pakistan skirmishes continue in Kashmir Global Times (English)
India’s Modi praises India-UAE ties ahead of visit Global Times (English)
381: Death toll in India, Pakistan skirmish on LoC rises to 6 Global Times (English)
380: Mild quake shakes northeast India Global Times (English)
India’s Mars mission sends a shot of 5,000-km-long canyon system on Independence Day China.Org
378: Permission for suicide’ protest puts Indian government on spot Global Times (English)
377: India, Pakistan military trade fire on Kashmir LoC PLA Daily (English)
376: Pakistan President vows tensions-free ties with India Global Times (English)
375: “Digital India” in urgent need of bridging developmental gap People's Daily (Chinese)
374: India to hold high-level strategic, commercial dialogue with U.S. next month Xinhua net
373: Indian stocks open flat Xinhua net
372: Lenovo is top-selling Chinese smartphone in India China Daily (English)
371: Indian troops kill 2 militants in Indian-controlled Kashmir gunfight Global Times (English)
370: Indian stampede kills 11 People's Daily (Chinese)
369: 20,000 Indian peasants ask the President to “grant death” Global Times (Chinese)
368: India is no match for China in Southeast Asia Global Times (Chinese)
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364: More Chinese, Indians tipped to visit Thailand following multiple visas China Daily (English)
363: Chinese manufacturers setting up plants abroad Global Times (English)
362: India’s land policy tested by industrialization People's Daily (Chinese)
361: Indian military trooper killed, 2 wounded in gunfight with militants on Kashmir LoC Global Times (English)
360: 12 killed, 15 injured in wall collapse in northern India Global Times (English)
359: 5 women killed in eastern India for allegedly practicing witchcraft Global Times (English)
358: Need to have a toilet at home to be a rural cadre in India Global Times (Chinese)
357: Policeman wounded in militant attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir Global Times (English)
356: Modi draws flak from public after botched attempt at banning porn Global Times (English)
355: Two derailed trains kill 31 in India People's Daily (Chinese)
354: India faces dilemma on blocking porn websites Global Times (Chinese)
353: Indian official expresses confidence in taking on terrorists in northwest border state Xinhua net
352: 160 Indian fishermen reach home from Pakistan Xinhua net
351: 32 killed, 70 injured in twin rail mishaps in C. India Xinhua net
Pakistan lodges protest over India’s cross-border shelling Xinhua net
349: India plans to spend 400 million in blocking China’s “radio invasion” Global Times (Chinese)
348: New Sino-Indian border meeting point shows efforts to safeguard border stability People's Daily (English)
347: Death toll in flood rises to 70 in eastern Indian state Global Times (English)
Indian gov’t, northeast separatists sign peace agreement Global Times (English)
345: Over 100 killed in flood, landslide caused by heavy rains in India Global Times (English)
344: Indian media gaze on Chinese armed police into Nepal for road repairing Global Times (Chinese)
India to submit evidence of last week’s cross-border militant attack to Pakistan Global Times (English)
India’s Foreign Secretary starts visit to Maldives Journal Not Selected
341: Indian foreign secretary starts visit to Maldives Global Times (English)
340: Sonia Gandhi slams Indian PM over silence on scandals Global Times (English)
339: 20 killed in landslide in northeast India Global Times (English)
338: India likely to testfire Barak 8 missiles this month Xinhua net
337: 40 killed in rain-related incidents in E. India Xinhua net
336: Indian security officials meet to discuss IS threat Global Times (English)
335: India in bid to free 2 hostages in Libya Xinhua net