490: India inducts its largest-ever warship INS Kochi into its Navy Global Times (English)
489: India to establish new command at Sino-Indian border Global Times (Chinese)
488: Very few takeaways from Modi’s trip to US Global Times (Chinese)
487: New Constitution doesn’t permit province for “Indian descendants”, India tightens border security,
Nepal restricts movement in response to India’s “oil blockade”
Global Times (Chinese)
486: An average annual increase of 7% in India’s foreign aid expenditure Global Times (Chinese)
485: Why should India be afraid of Chinese Goods? Global Times (Chinese)
484: Need for a developmental trilateral, US-India-China (USIC) China.Org (English)
483: Bomb squad deployed at Mumbai airport after bomb threat Global Times (English)
482: India launches maiden space observatory Global Times (English)
481: India cuts lending rate by 50 basis points Xinhua net
480: India’s Central Bank cuts interest rate by 50 points People's Daily (Chinese)
479: India simplifies visa application screening for Chinese tourists Global Times (Chinese)
478: Overtaking on the learning curve: the Indian model Finance
477: Death toll of Indian pilgrims in Mecca stampede rises to 35 Xinhua net
476: Many feared killed as boat capsizes in northeast India Global Times (English)
475: India’s first Space Telescope reaches Orbit Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
474: Modi’s ambitious reforms step into a minefield Global Times (Chinese)
473: Indian aristocrat’s grandchildren win long battle for riches Global Times (English)
472: India to speed up road plans along the border to carry troops Global Times (Chinese)
471: China steps into India’s high-speed railway market
[China grabs a share of India’s high-speed rail projects]
Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
470: India appoints new envoys to China, Pakistan, UN Xinhua net
469: Indian Media: Chinese apps depend on utilities to win Global Times (Chinese)
468: China grabs a share of India’s high-speed rail projects
[China steps into India’s high-speed railway market]
Global People
467: Nepal resentful of India’s “deep concern” about its new Constitution Global Times (Chinese)
466: Indian drunken man buried alive by careless road construction workers Global Times (Chinese)
465: India recalls envoy to Nepal following promulgation of new Constitution Xinhua net
464: Indian PM leaves for two-nation tour of Ireland, U.S. Xinhua net
463: China firm gains contract on feasibility study for Indian high-speed railway Xinhua net
462: Indian Environment Minister: Indian way of life can save the world Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Mars mission to last many years: Top space official Xinhua net
460: Misguided US policies can’t shake China Global Times (English)
459: China’s economic pain cannot be India’s gain Global Times (English)
458: Indian Army worried about poor quality of rifles Global Times (Chinese)
457: 2.3 million people vying for 368 jobs in India Global Times (Chinese)
456: Indian Finance Minister: India-China economic relations now a symbol of strength Global Times (Chinese)
455: Chinese Cell Phone Brands: Battles in India Journal Not Selected
454: China and India : the two manufacturing beacons of the 21st century Global Times (Chinese)
453: India’s “Diamond Capital” threatened by China Global Times (Chinese)
Indian remedy donkey’s milk priced unduly high Global Times (Chinese)
451: “Meat ban” order in India encounters stiff resistance Global Times (Chinese)
450: Air India grounds overweighed attendants Global Times (Chinese)
449: Indian service industry holds National Economy back People's Daily (Chinese)
448: Hundreds died in a restaurant explosion in India Global Times (Chinese)
447: Gas tank explosion kills 90 in India Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
446: Saying India can match China is like saying a mouse can pull a tractor Global Times (Chinese)
445: India, Pakistan to devise new strategies to end ceasefire violations in Kashmir Xinhua net
444: Indian politicians blame rape on Chinese noodles People's Daily (English)
443: Indian PM hits back at Sonia Gandhi over Parliament disruptions Xinhua net
442: Two Indian border guards wounded in skirmishes on Kashmir LoC Xinhua net
441: India to open 5 air strips on China-India border next month Global Times (Chinese)
440: Pakistan security officials leave for India for border security talks Xinhua net
439: High-level delegation from Pakistan arrives in India for talks on border situation Global Times (English)
438: Thai authorities question Indian nationals Global Times (English)
437: New Delhi makes geopolitical calculation in playing South China Sea card Global Times (English)
436: How does India like China’s “One Belt, One Road” Strategy? Caijing
435: Dialogue key to India-Pakistan solutions Global Times (English)
434: Can India benefit from Chinese economic slowdown? Think twice Global Times (English)
433: 20 killed by lightning in southern India Global Times (English)
432: Indian media: China says Tibet is now “in its Golden Age” Global Times (Chinese)
431: To fix its economy, India must stop obsessing over China Global Times (Chinese)
430: Indian PM inaugurates new metro line in capital region Global Times (English)
429: India successfully positions latest communication satellite GSAT-6 in orbital slot Global Times (English)
428: Big strike in India to “challenge” reform
[Global Times: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
[Xinhua: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
427: Indians simmer with rage on “infants’ deaths” Global Times (Chinese)
426: Equalized army pension gets Indian govt approval Global Times (English)
425: Indian heat wave kills more than 2200 Guangming Daily (Chinese)
424: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions
[Big strike in India to “challenge” reform]
[Xinhua: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
Global Times (English)
423: 4 militants, trooper killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir gunfight Xinhua (English)
422: 42 injured in train derailment in southern India Global Times (English)
Spotlight: The message of China’s V-Day parade Global Times (English)
Pakistani PM condemns “unprovoked Indian firing” Xinhua net
419: Gunfight between militants, troops erupts in Kashmir Global Times (English)
418: 8 killed in violence in northeast Indian state Global Times (English)
417: India prepared to face offensive military action: Army chief Global Times (English)
416: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions
[Big strike in India to “challenge” reform]
[Global Times: Life in India severely affected by nationwide strike of trade unions]
Xinhua net
415: China luring Indian pharmaceutical scientists with 3 times higher pay Global Times (Chinese)
414: Caste contentions deepen as Modi struggles to deliver campaign promises Global Times (English)
413: India admits failure of coercive “land reform” Global Times (Chinese)