609: Vice-President Li Yuanchao to pay an official visit to India People's Daily (Chinese)
608: 7 wounded in Indian-controlled Kashmir grenade attack Xinhua (English)
607: New Delhi looks to African opportunities Global Times (English)
606: Indian sailors harassed Korean women in Inchon Guangming Daily (Chinese)
605: India’s scientific and artistic communities united in demand for freedom Global Times (Chinese)
Vice-President’s visit to India means ‘new impetus’ for ties China Daily (English)
Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang’s Regular Press Conference MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
602: Li Yuanchao to Pay an Official Visit to India Ministry of Foreign Affiairs
601: Modi urges concrete climate deal Global Times (English)
Defense Ministry’s regular press conference on Oct.29 China Military Online
599: Indian police women to be stationed at China India border Global Times (Chinese)
“Extra large” India-Africa Summit sparks speculation Global Times (Chinese)
597: India-Africa summit does not target Beijing’s influence: expert Global Times (English)
596: Indian PM invites Africa to join solar-rich alliance to tap climate change Xinhua net
595: India in the eyes of Chinese companies: Don’t equate India with what China was like a decade ago China Business News (Yicai.com)
594: Chinese living in India want to recapture advantages of Mandarin Global Times (Chinese)
593: Indian government investigating mysterious death of 11 nuclear experts Global Times (Chinese)
India’s Foreign Minister mobilizes 2.5 billion people for “permanent membership” Global Times (Chinese)
Foreign media says India “fawning on” Africa intended to challenge China Global Times (Chinese)
590: India’s ban on surrogacy service to foreigners to hit booming industry Global Times (English)
589: India Will Not Surpass China So Fast Global Times (Chinese)
588: Sri Lanka, India begin joint naval exercise Xinhua net
587: India welcomes Africa Global Times (English)
586: India-Africa Forum Summit begins Global Times (Chinese)
585: India to spend large sums of money on the India-China border to rival China Global Times (Chinese)
India’s stoppage of oil and gas supplies to Nepal chills Nepalese hearts Global Times (Chinese)
583: New Delhi Summit imagines “India-Africa Lions” Global Times (Chinese)
582: Why are Indians keen to break records Global Times (Chinese)
581: Modi should learn from China’s Taobao village. Global Times (Chinese)
Nepal’s request for oil supplies from China attracts Indian media  attention Global Times (Chinese)
579: 7.5-magnitude quake shakes Afghanistan, Pakistan and India China Daily (English)
578: 7.5-magnitude quake jolts northern India Xinhua net
577: India pushing to edge past China in Africa China.Org (English)
576: A passage to India: market integration key to breakthrough by outstanding Chinese companies China Business News (Yicai.com)
575: Indian-controlled Kashmir severely hit by Hindu Kush quake: report Xinhua net
Pakistan summons Indian envoy over “threatening phone call” Xinhua net
573: Sri Lanka detains 34 Indian fishermen Xinhua net
572: Indian media features “old” video of confrontation on the India-China border Global Times (Chinese)
Indian Army complains surveillance cameras on China-India border don’t work Global Times (Chinese)
570: Levying income tax on families (not individuals): right on time in the 13th “Five-year plan” Phoenix Weekly
569: Chinese and Indian armies explore ways of increasing trust through military exercises Global Times (Chinese)
568: India’s video surveillance plans on India-China border fails as camera does not work in high altitude conditions Global Times (Chinese)
567: China and India Army explore to increase trust through military exercises Global Times (Chinese)
566: Indian female college students protest dorm curfew Global Times (Chinese)
565: China-India joint anti-terrorism training in Kunming Global Times (Chinese)
564: China-India army joint anti-terrorism training ends Global Times (Chinese)
563: Indian Govt warns Ministers to be careful in making statements Xinhua net
562: China-India joint anti-terrorism training PLA Daily (English)
561: Nobel Prize winner: India’s GDP is “apparently exaggerated” Global Times (Chinese)
560: India orders 55 luxury sedans from Mercedes to ferry dignitaries in India-Africa Summit Xinhua net
559: Pakistan declares that it will use nuclear weapons against Indian invasion Global Times (Chinese)
Is the “China military threat theory” marketable? Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “Nirbhaya” cruise missile fails test Global Times (Chinese)
556: Foreign media: Sri Lanka to allow Chinese submarine to dock, India expresses dissatisfaction Global Times (Chinese)
555:  Muslim teenager’s killing leads to protests Global Times (Chinese)
554: India-America-Japan military excercise not meant to contain China;
India’s former NSA says India willing to cooperate with all stakeholders
Global Times (Chinese)
553: India will not become the war elephant of America and Japan and offend China Global Times (Chinese)
552: Foreign media says naïve of India to want to replace China in manufacturing Global Times (Chinese)
551: India most attractive investment destination by global investors China Daily (English)
550: Why India cannot surpass China Red Think tank
549: Climate race: Will the Elephant catch up with the Dragon? China.Org (English)
548: Indian president expresses concern over religious intolerance at home Xinhua net
Indian media dissatisfied at “national project” being produced in China Global Times (Chinese)
India’s “Beef Politics” Global Times (Chinese)
545: India’s unknown “camp of Chinese” Global Times (Chinese)
544: Nepal imports oil from China to break Indian blockade Global Times (Chinese)
543: New Delhi shocked at rape of two girls Global Times (Chinese)
542: Indian diplomat : Beijing is not playing zero sum game in Nepal. Global Times (Chinese)
541: Frequent gang rapes of young girls leave India shocked Global Times (Chinese)
540: Bride Battle: Breaking tradition, India’s married children fight for freedom Global Times (English)
539: Over 300 slum houses gutted in major fire in Indian capital Global Times (English)
India’s “ace submarine” joins in military exercise with America and Japan Global Times (Chinese)
537: India gears up for diplomatic outreach with Africa Xinhua net
536: Indian media reports high level PLA delegation visit to India next month Global Times (Chinese)
535: India puzzled: Why Chinese people don’t like to travel to India? China Business News (Yicai.com)
Nobel Prize Winner Angus Deaton on China’s economy Xinhua net
533: India-Philippines statement claims South China sea is West Philippine sea Global Times (Chinese)
532: Chinese Master Chef Competition held in India Xinhua (English)
531: India-America-Japan military exercise implies containment of China. Global Times (Chinese)
530: Huge storm caused by the cow in India leads to arguments between different communities Global Times (Chinese)
529: Poor status of Indian maids, miserable at home and abroad and forgotten by society. Global Times (Chinese)
528: A huge storm caused by the cow in India leads to arguments between different communnities Journal Not Selected
527: Local Chinese cell phone brand becomes “highbrow” after blending with an Indian firm Journal Not Selected
526: Largest protests in Indian history Phoenix Weekly
525: Sub sales no cause for worry in (for) India Global Times (English)
524: Japan joins India-US military exercise In the Indian Ocean  Global Times (Chinese)
Indian government training its own party members to invoke “China threat” Global Times (Chinese)
522: India’s Modi calls beef killing ‘unwelcome’ as intolerance concerns grow Global Times (English)
521: India thanks Iran for releasing 9 detained sailors Global Times (English)
520: Concurrent India drills spark unnecessary speculation Global Times (English)
519: Greenpeace spat highlights contradiction between growth and environment in India Global Times (English)
518: Indian police arrest main suspect in 4-year-old’s rape Global Times (English)
517: 2015 India-China hand-in-hand military and counter terrorism joint exercise Jiefang Daily
516: 2015 Eurasia economic forum: 4 main points  People's Daily (Chinese)
Indian “killer” roads make widow villages Global Times (Chinese)
514: India claims Maldives promises India to be its foreign policy priority number one  Global Times (Chinese)
513: I stand by you Global Times (Chinese)
512: Myanmar offers chance for China and India to find common ground Global Times (English)
511: Nepal most viable bridge between China and South Asia Journal Not Selected
510: China, India start anti-terrorism drill People's Daily (English)
509: Indian PM who loves Yoga, but not the fair sex website weixin
India’s ruling alliance to win local legislative election in eastern state: survey Xinhua net
507: Indian president leaves for tour of Jordan, Israel, Palestine Xinhua net
506: Indian maid cut on right leg, Foreign Minister Swaraj condemns Saudi employer
India says arm chopping-off of a maid in Saudi Arabia as unacceptable
Global Times (Chinese)
505: India says arm chopping-off of a maid in Saudi Arabia as unacceptable
Indian maid cut on right leg, Foreign Minister Swaraj condemns Saudi employer
Xinhua net
504: The domestic controversy over China’s foreign aid and the implications for Africa Brookings Journal
503: Main opposition party to boycott Assembly session in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
Modi pitches for ‘Make in India’ initiative at Indo-German summit Xinhua net
501: Death toll of Indians in Mecca stampede rises to 74 Xinhua net
500: China overwhelms India 104-58, to meet Iran in semis Xinhua net
499: India outlines successes, failures of UN at 70 Xinhua net
498: India pledges to reduce emissions by 33 to 35 pct in next 15 years Xinhua net
497: India, Germany to deploy armed marshals on certain flights Xinhua net
496: “Made in China” meets “Make in India”: In search of connections amid adaption and integration Global Magazine
495: 3 Indian military troopers, militant killed in separate gunfights in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua net
494: India, Germany sign 18 cooperation agreements Xinhua net
493: Indian president to make first visit to Israel later this month Xinhua net
492: India mulls single emergency number, panic button in all mobile phones Xinhua net
491: 50 People People's Daily (Chinese)