Journal : Guangming Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 9



Recently, the “Chinese Photography” magazine, the Southern Image academic research centers of “Chinese photography” and the Chang’an Image Center hosted the “Looking at the real India Cai Huansong photographic exhibition” at the China Art Research Institute in Beijing. Mr. Cai Huansong visited India more than ten times in the last three years and captured the living styles and attitudes of common people. The exhibition featured carefully selected works of Mr. Cai Huansong that brings different image of India and a different view of India for viewers.  While the general image of India is one of order in chaos, this view of India is of chaos in order. Order in chaos is the result of visual refining and extraction which is very commendable. Chaos in order goes to real India. The exhibition will continue until January 27.

In addition, at the same time there was also held a specially designed “Video art performance exhibition” Photography Seminar by Artron which depicts the combined results of Cai Huansong’s several trips to India, teaching the experience of documentary photography. It affords a unique Chinese perspective of a foreign country through in-depth creative photography. The lecture site also arranged the Artron installation art book “Looking at the Real India”, and a series of photographs showing different images of India.

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