Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 4


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It is heavy fog and very cold in New Delhi the capital of India these days, it does not come better in Jan 24th ,however, cars in the center of city decrease, sound of armored car running over with boom can be vaguely heard. It is rehearsal day that Indian Republic Day parade on 26th , India armies regiment who take part in parade, floats, and performance personnel are exercising with make-up.


《Global Times》reporter noted, municipal government released limitation regulation about rehearsal in earlier time, the lucky people in New Delhi who intended to watch the event and grab tickets to watch got up very early,they took the bus to the rehearsal scene in New Delhi Kings Road before 8:00 am. Comparing to ticket for “ the parade day ”,it is more reliable than “rehearsal ticket”released some days ago by queuing up to buy. Ticket outlets set up on side of the central Parliament came up long line a week ago, most people do not expect to grab parade tickets on 26th ,this kind of ticket are reserved for dignitaries. Further more, it is so strict for security inspection, and people should sign to arrival at 5:30 in the morning. For ordinary people, official parade this year just has more “special guests”than rehearsal—French President Hollande, so this is no more attractive. People who rob ticket pay more attention to charge of rehearsal ticket that is not more than 200 Rupee (about RMB20), it is the usual practice— although“performance for thanks ”after parade is inferior on exciting level, the meaning universal gathering is much stronger, audience can also watch the motorcycle stunt show.


Comparing formal parade to Parade for President express thank , parade rehearsal on 24th is ideal stage Indian citizens express feeling and patriotic enthusiasm. It starts from Parade at 10:00am to ceremony curtain at 12:30 at noon, not only it shows horse caravan parade, Honor guard ranks, square matrix consist of land, sea and air navy and various of Indian national army , but also people can watch the most modern tanks ,artillery, aircraft carriers, and kinds of military aircraft of India. Especially the second part of parade rehearsal. The meaning of “army change to citizen”is stronger, float performance focus on India states and national important social&economic fields , it always wins the audience bursts of applause.


The parade is hold on Indian Republic Day every year, India is prepared almost one month in advance of the ceremony. Seats are arranged on both sides of downtown Rajpath, Traffic on both sides is channeled for the parade troops, military vehicles, horses and camels for nearly 10 kms, diverting past different “Road closed temporarily” signs. This reporter did not sense any resentment among the people; the parade is like a national celebration in the eyes of the majority of the Indians, How can the holiday loving Indians refuse it?

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