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Xiaomi Technology Vice President (global operations) Hugo Barra unveiled the Redmi Note 3 mobile phone at a press conference held on March 3 in the Indian capital, New Delhi. The same day, the Redmi Note 3, specially targeted at the Indian market, was launched in New Delhi by Chinese Internet Company Xiaomi Technology. It’s different from the version sold in the country (China); the Indian version uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 650 processor which is its main selling point.



3月3日,在印度首都新德里,小米科技全球副总裁雨果·巴拉在发布会上介 绍红米Note 3手机。当日,中国互联网企业小米科技在新德里推出专门针对印度市场的红米Note 3手机。与在国内销售的版本不同,印度版本使用高通 Snapdragon 650处理器作为其最大卖点。 新华社记者 毕晓洋摄

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