Journal : PLA Daily Date : Author : Lian Pengfei Page No. : 1

may 18 A

PLA Daily reporter Lian Pengfei reported on May 17: Gen. Fang Fenghui, member of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) and Chief of Joint Staff Department of the Central Military Commission held talks with the visiting  Chief of Army Staff of Pakistan, Gen. Raheel, at Bayi Building this morning.

Fang Fenghui said China and Pakistan are sincere and faithful friends, they will stick together through thick and thin. The two Heads (of State) are taking personal initiative and encouraging the ties between the two countries to move towards an all-weather strategic partnership. Chairman Xi Jinping put forward the great strategic idea of “One Belt One Road”, embodying China’s peripheral diplomacy based on the concept of “qin (closeness), cheng (earnestness),  hui (benefit) and rong (inclusiveness) ”. Its successful implementation is bound to benefit all the countries and peoples in the region, including Pakistan. China is ready to earnestly implement the important consensus reached between the Heads (of State) of the two countries to

a) seek and work towards regional peace and stability,

b) maintain the new model of military cooperation to ensure the successful implementation of “One Belt One Road”,

c) speedily establish regional cooperation and coordination mechanisms between the two countries to counter terrorism,

d) deepen cooperation in policy dialogue, exchange of information, personnel training, joint exercises, capacity building etc.

e) continually enrich the concept of “China-Pakistan community of shared destiny”,

f) maintain the security of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor for the development of relations between the armies of the two countries and for contributing positively to regional stability and prosperity.

(Translator’s Note: separation of sub-paras a), b), c) etc added in the interest of clarity — all in one running sentence separated by commas in the original.)

Raheel Sharif said Pakistan is keen and committed to a deep everlasting all-weather friendship with China. He said regional security and stability is essential for China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and Pakistan will fully support and participate in establishing regional military cooperation and coordination on counterterrorism. Pakistan wishes to further strengthen pragmatic cooperation in all the fields, especially defense and security, resolutely fight against the “East Turkistan Islamic Movement” and other terrorist forces and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.


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