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NEW DELHI, June 19 (Xinhua) — A major row has erupted in Indian-controlled Kashmir over a leading public school’s decision to bar a Muslim teacher from wearing an Islamic full-body gown, prompting the region’s government to warn the school management that “Kashmir is not France”.

People in Jammu and Kashmir have all the freedom to take decision about their private lives, and the region is not France where government or some institute decides what dress people should wear, the region’s Education Minister Naeem Akhtar said Saturday.

He added “People here have all the freedom to follow their culture, religion and can dress as per their own choice.”

The minister’s comments came in the wake of massive protests by students Friday after the woman science teacher was barred from wearing Abaya (Islamic gown that covers the body from neck-to-toe) by the Delhi Public School-Kashmir.

Some local TV channels reported that the school management gave her the choice to choose between the Islamic dress and her job, following which she has resigned.

The chief of the hardline woman separatist group, Dukhtaran-e-Milat, Syeda Aasiyeh Andrabi has flayed the school management for its action.

They must understand that Kashmir is a Muslim majority region and its people will dress as per the Islamic dress code, she said.

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