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India hails successful launch of single rocket with 20 satellitesIndia on June 22 successfully put 20 satellites into space using a single rocket. Indian Space Research Organization said this time’s launch was one in which India launched the maximum number of satellites using a single rocket, marking another leap for India’s space program. China had successfully launched 20 satellites using one rocket in September 2015, setting a record of Asia’s maximum at that time.

According to the Times of India report, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) launched its Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C34) from Sriharikota Space Centre in the State of Andhra Pradesh in southern India at local time 09:26 on June 22. India’s New Delhi television station said the rocket injected the 20 satellites on board into orbit after 26 minutes. British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said the launch was the first time in the history of ISRO where the number of satellites carried on board exceeded 10, “India’s ambitious space program setting a new record for the country.”

According to the reports, the weights of the satellites carried during this launch varied— the heaviest being more than 700 kg, and the smallest about 1.5 kg.  The satellites include 13 US satellites, and those of international customers like Canada, Germany and Indonesia and India’s own satellites. “a new achievement for the Indian Space Research Organization famed for its frugality,” AFP said on June 22, it is another major achievement of India’s space program, India has successfully sent probes to the moon and the Mars. Analysis says, as the mobile phone and Internet companies are seeking higher quality communications, the business of sending commercial satellites into space is booming in recent years, India is enjoying this piece of big cake with its low cost business reputation; “India as a low cost operator is becoming a major player in the multi-billion dollar aerospace market.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi first conveyed the greetings via social networking sites on 22nd. According to India’s ZEE News report, Modi said excitedly, the launch team has achieved an immortal and a proud accomplishment, “to see the role our researchers play in space technology,  I am very happy and moved”, “India’s space technology has time and again shown the transformative potential of science and technology in people’s lives.”  ISRO Chairman Kumar said, Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle “has successfully completed its mission.” India’s ZEE News quoted a senior scientist of the organization as saying, “success is already a way of life for ISRO, But we never get carried away by success.” The report said that this was the 36th launch of the Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” reported on June 22 that at present the largest number of satellites launched using a single rocket is by Russia—37 satellites in a single launch in 2014. NASA has launched 29 satellites in one go. According to the report, “multi-satellite launch” is the technology of simultaneously or successively injecting a number of satellites into orbits using a single carrier rocket. It is considered to be a superior way of launch; the costs of satellite launch can be reduced by fully utilizing the carrying capacity of the launch vehicle. But the technical difficulty is relatively higher. Currently in the world, countries like the United States, Russia, China, India and Japan and the European Space Agency have mastered the “multi-satellite launch” technology. (Ren Zhong)



据《印度时报》报道,当地时间22日上午9时26分,印度空间研究组织(ISRO)发射了代号为“PSLV-C34”的极地卫星运载火箭,发射地点位于印度东南部安得拉邦的斯里哈里科塔航天中心。印度新德里电视台称,该火箭在26分钟后把搭载的20颗卫星送入轨道。英国广播公司(BBC) 称,此次发射是ISRO史上第一次发射运载超过10颗卫星的火箭,“印度雄心勃勃的宇航计划创下该国新纪录”。

据报道,印度这次发射携带的卫星重量不等,最大的超过700公斤,最小的约1.5公斤。其中包括13颗美国卫星,及加拿大、德国、 印尼等国际客户和印度本土的卫星。“以节俭著称的印度空间研究组织取得新成就”,法新社22日称,这是印度航天计划的又一重大成就,印度已经成功向月球和 火星发送探测器。分析认为,随着手机、互联网厂商寻求更高质量的通信,向太空投放商业卫星的生意近年来蓬勃发展,印度以低成本为招牌正在分享这块大蛋糕, “印度正在成为价值数百亿美元的宇航市场的一个低成本的主要参与者”。

印度总理莫迪22日第一时间通过社交网站发出祝贺。据印度ZEE新闻网报道,莫迪兴奋地表示,发射团队取得了不朽和令人骄傲的成绩,“看到我们 的研究人员在太空技术方面发挥的作用,我无比高兴和感动”,“印度的空间技术不断显示出将科技服务民众的变革型潜力”。ISRO主席库马尔表示,极地卫星 运载火箭“成功完成了自己的任务”。印度ZEE新闻网引述该组织一名资深科学家的话说,“成功已经是印度空间组织的生活方式,但我们从未被胜利冲昏头 脑。”报道称,这是印度极地运载火箭第36次发射。

新加坡《联合早报》22日称,目前发射“一箭多星”数量最多的是俄罗斯,2014 年发射过“一箭37星”。美国宇航局发射过一箭29星。据报道,“一箭多星”发射是用一枚运载火箭同时或先后将数颗卫星送入地球轨道的发射技术。它被认为 是一种优越的发射方式,能充分地利用运载火箭的运载能力,降低卫星发射成本,但技术难度较大。目前全球有美国、俄罗斯、中国、印度、日本等国以及欧洲航天局掌握“一箭多星”发射技术。(任重)

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