Journal : Jiefang Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 03

India inducts first batch of indigenous fighter jets into service

Development takes 33 years; “Tejas” is expected to replace the MiG

Xinhua special draft: India on Jul 1 inducted its first batch of homemade “Tejas” fighter aircraft into service. This is after a gap of 33 years since the Indian government approved the development of this fighter jet way back in 1983.

Two “Tejas” fighters were inducted into the Indian Air Force on that day, which will be part of the first “Tejas” fighter squadron. “Tejas” is a single-seat fighter jet developed by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). There were zero failures during the 3000 hours of test flight of the fighter aircraft, said an Indian military officer. Moreover it uses composite materials, significantly reducing the radar visibility. “The performance of ‘Tejas’ fighter is comparable to the fighters of other countries which are of the same grade,” said retired Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur. Indian Air Force wants HAL to manufacture “Tejas” fighters according to the production plan, supplementing enough deployable fighter jets for the Air Force. However, as far as HAL is concerned, there is considerable difficulty in achieving the scheduled output of 8 aircrafts per year.

Right now, the Indian military is still dependent on foreign imports for more than 70% of the equipment, its diverse stock of fighters purchased from multiple countries like Russia, Britain and France. As envisaged by the Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar, it would be best if “Tejas” could replace the MiGs which are soon to be decommissioned.



新华社特稿 印度首款本土研制的“光辉”战斗机1日服役,这距离印度政府1983年批准战机研制已经33年。

“光辉”战机为单座战机,由印度斯坦航空有限公司制造。印度军方官员说,“光辉”战机在3000小时的试飞中零故障,另外,它使用的复合材料大幅降低了 雷达可见度。退役空军少将曼莫汉·巴哈杜尔说:“‘光辉’ 战机的性能可媲美他国同级别战机。”印度空军希望印度斯坦航空有限公司按生产计划出厂“光辉” 战机,为空军补充足够可部署战机。然而,达到预定的每年8架产量对印度斯坦航空有限公司而言存在相当难度。


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