Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Xiao Moyu Page No. : 05

Resignation of controversial TV host becomes India’s news headlines

Global Times special correspondent in India: Xiao Moyu

“Never in the past has a news anchor leaving become national news”. At 09:00pm local time on November 1, Arnab Goswami, one of India’s most famous news anchors finished his last program in Times Now, his resignation has become the top Twitter trend in India.

Arnab Goswami is a household name in India, occupying prime-time round the year in the country’s top English channel. Goswami’s style of anchoring is sharp and his standpoint is distinct. The high decibel debates, the fast paced language and bluntly interrupting the guests were his labels. His pet phrase “the nation wants to know” has become very popular. India’s First Post called him as “India’s preacher-in-chief”.

Goswami made no secret of his position, and proclaimed himself as “the guardian of India’s nationalist cause, Indian people’s patriotism-personified and the destroyer of all who oppose nationalism”.  He had the audacity to speak out against the politicians without scruple. Indian media jokes that all those unlucky politicians and Pakistan diplomats can now heave a sigh of relief at Goswami’s departure. Goswami changed his tone only on very rare occasions, one of them being his famed interview with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Twitterati had described the show as if they were “watching a date.”

Of course, Goswami’s anchoring style has also been affected by some controversies. People who do not like him criticize his program as being a free supplier of adrenalin rush, changing the newsroom to a “high decibel war zone” and discussions filled with “jingoism” and “nationalism”. An internet user’s appraisal of his resignation is “breaking news: air pollution still up, fortunately noise pollution down.”

In any case, Goswami’s resignation did attract the highest attention of the Indian media, and even US and European media like BBC has reported. Whether you sigh in disappointment or excitement, or question him, there is no doubt about his top position in the field of Indian television. Times Now has already put out Goswami’s program highlights on their website. Some media believe that after losing this big shot, Times Now news program may not have the past glory.

Goswami’s whereabouts are now a topic in which the people are most interested. A few days ago in a Times Now conference he hinted that he “will not be quitting the television media and the news industry.” In the past six months, Goswami has been negotiating with a number of organizations to establish a new television and digital news platform, and he will take away a handful of Times Now employees, said an insider. In Goswamy’s own words, the new project will be a “formidable competition to BBC and CNN.”▲

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