1209: In a first, China sends warships to participate in India’s offshore naval review Global Times (Chinese)
1208: India says to stand by Pakistan if it acts on terror Xinhua (English)
1207: Talks between US, India on aircraft carrier deal improving Global Times (English)
1206: Blockade shows Nepal’s connectivity dilemma Global Times (English)
Feature: Kabul’s congested roads unite drivers of both plush and old cars in shared vexation Xinhua (English)
1204: Avalanche buries 10 military troopers in Indian-controlled Kashmir Xinhua (English)
1203: Pakistan cuts flights after 3 die in clashes Xinhua (English)
Volkswagen “Ameo” car unveiled in New Delhi Xinhua (English)
1201: India orders probe into brutal attack on Tanzanian woman Xinhua (English)
1200: India to soon allow women to serve on warships Xinhua (English)