1822: India and France to sign a $ 8.8 billion aircraft deal Jiefang Daily
1821: New Delhi resumes licence plate based limiting of traffic . Jiefang Daily
1820: UN warns of soaring child casualties in Afghanistan Global Times (English)
1819: Indo-US strategic distrust stalls LSA signing Global Times (English)
1818: India seeks interests from geopolitical tension Global Times (English)
1817: Flood kills 23 people in W. Afghanistan Xinhua (English)
Bangladesh’s ex-PM Khaleda Zia attends hearing of graft cases Xinhua (English)
US warns citizens about threat against Islamabad’s five-star hotel Xinhua (English)
1814: UN mission says 600 civilians killed in Afghanistan in Q1 Xinhua (English)
1813: Taliban local leader captured in Afghanistan: official Xinhua (English)
1812: Road accident kills 11 members of a family in India Xinhua (English)
Nepal strongly rejects U.S.report on country’s human rights situation Xinhua (English)
1810: Feature: Myanmar ushers in new year after water festival Xinhua (English)
1809: Myanmar takes measures to prevent further spread of bird flu Xinhua (English)
1808: Myanmar grants amnesty to 83 prisoners on new year day Xinhua (English)
1807: Mauritius President begins Pakistan visit Xinhua (English)
1806: Indian Army conducts exercise to test its operation capabilities Xinhua (English)
1805: India expresses concern over explosion at Sikh temple in Germany Xinhua (English)
1804: 8 injured as Metro railway pillar collapses in northern India Xinhua (English)
Myanmar president calls for cooperation with new gov’t in administration efforts Xinhua (English)