2335: Indian suspicions of China-Nepal relations may be self-defeating Global Times (Chinese)
2334: Hottest summer of the century in India Global Times (Chinese)
India’s ruling BJP to govern key NE state Assam Xinhua net
2332: 18 bodies recovered after boat capsizal in India Xinhua net
2331: Ruling TMC of E. Indian state West Bengal to retain power for another 5 years Xinhua net
2330: WB urges Bangladesh to further access to digital technologies to boost growth Xinhua net
China vows support for Afghanistan’s reconciliation, construction Xinhua net
2328: US-Myanmar ties may stutter over Rohingyas Global Times (English)
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2326: 4 Afghan police personnel killed in bomb attack Xinhua net
2325: Sri Lanka decides to free all Indian fishermen in custody Xinhua net
2324: Indian stocks close higher Xinhua net
2323: 29 militants killed in northern Afghan airstrikes Xinhua net
Sri Lanka’s Anti Corruption Front accuses govt of delaying corruption probe Xinhua net
2321: Sri Lankan president calls for immediate action to assist thousands affected by heavy rains Xinhua net
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2318: Heavy rains kill 2 in Sri Lanka Xinhua net