3572: Media gag imposed in Indian-controlled Kashmir amid unrest Xinhua net
3571: Chinese film festival kicks off in eastern Indian metropolis Xinhua net
3570: Spurious liquor kills 17 in northern India Xinhua net
3569: News Analysis: Embracing peace in Afghanistan through talks requires more time than expected Xinhua net
3568: 5 Haqqani militants killed in eastern Afghan raid Xinhua net
3567: Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff meets Afghan president, reassures support Xinhua net
3566: 9 militants killed in western Afghanistan Xinhua net
3565: Over 20 Taliban militants killed in Afghanistan Xinhua net
3564: Family of 5 killed as roof collapses in E. Afghanistan: official Xinhua net
3563: Bangladesh busts second hideout of Spanish cafe attackers in capital Xinhua net
3562: Mehendi shows during Shrawan month in Nepal Xinhua net
3561: 17 injured in Sri Lanka following wasp attack Xinhua net
Sri Lankan PM expresses support for Turkish gov’t Xinhua net
3559: Deaths from bootleg hooch rise to 21 in northern India Global Times (English)
3558: India, China complement each other in Africa Global Times (English)
3557: Serbia to patrol borders to stem influx of migrants: PM Global Times (English)
3556: Afghan govt expresses concerns over coup attempt in Turkey Global Times (English)
3555: Airstrikes kill 20 militants in S. Afghanistan Global Times (English)
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3553: Pakistani star’s brother defiant over murder Global Times (English)
3552: Mehendi shows during Shrawan month in Nepal Guangming Daily (English)
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3548: 17 injured in Sri Lanka following wasp attack Global Times (English)