3978: China should “more actively promote peace while remaining neutral” in Afghanistan Global Times (Chinese)
3977: Buses with foreign tourist attacked in Afghanistan, 10 might be dead Global Times (Chinese)
3976: Joint Statement of the Inaugural High Level Military Leader Meeting on Quadrilateral Cooperation and Coordination Mechanism in Counter Terrorism by Afghanistan-China-Pakistan-Tajikistan Armed Forces PLA Daily (Chinese)
3975: Indian tax reforms take a crucial step People's Daily (Chinese)
3974: “Returning flow” of extremists worries Pakistan People's Daily (Chinese)
3973: Wang Yi to Visit Kenya, Uganda and India MInistry of Foreign Affairs Press Briefing
Pakistani helicopter crash-lands in Afghanistan’s Logar, crew unhurt Xinhua net
3971: Pakistani chopper crash-lands in Afghanistan, Taliban hold crew hostage Xinhua net
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3969: 2 militant suspects in Bangladesh deadly Eid prayer attack killed in gunfight Xinhua net
Nepal’s newly elected PM takes oath Xinhua net
3967: China sees India’s unified sales tax reform as an opportunity for expanded investment Global Times (English)
3966: 20 bodies recovered as search continues for missing in India bridge collapse Global Times (English)
3965: Chinese FM to visit Kenya, Uganda, India Global Times (English)
3964: Militants kill 14 in market attack in northeast India Global Times (English)
3963: Militants kill 14 in market attack in northeast India Global Times (English)
3962: Taliban ambushes tourists in western Afghanistan Global Times (English)
3961: Infighting among Taliban factions kills 20 in W. Afghanistan Global Times (English)
3960: Bangladesh says Duterte commits to return heist money China Daily Asia
Nepal’s newly elected PM takes oath China Daily (English)
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