5235: India, France finally ink the “order of the century” Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
5234: The “all new” China-Eurasia Expo injects new vitality into Belt and Road Initiative PLA Daily (Chinese)
5233: Pakistan and Russia hold first joint military exercise PLA Daily (Chinese)
Myanmar’s parliament approves bill repealing the Emergency Provisions Act Xinhua net
Myanmar military conducts first joint maneuver in new gov’t era Xinhua net
Pakistan Fair “Made in Pakistan Exhibition” held in Kathmandu Xinhua net
5229: In pics: displaced children in Ghazni, Afghanistan Xinhua net
5228: Second edition of Chinese Book Fair 2016 kicks off in Nepal Xinhua net
Boys jump in canal to cool off in Pakistan’s Peshawar Xinhua net
5226: Indian air force test fires long range air-to-air MICA missile Global Times (English)
5225: India test fires long range air-to-air missile China Daily Asia
5224: Modi says Pakistan a haven for terrorism China Daily Asia