Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Suchayan Mandal Page No. : 06

5 reasons why tourism in India is far inferior to China’s

An article published by India’s Business Insider website on January 22; the original title: China’s tourism is much ahead of India. Here’s why: As the bell rings for Budget 2017, we are keen to find out what keeps China ahead of us in tourism. If data is to be believed, China’s growth rate in the business travels sector is the highest in the world, much ahead of the USA. In the last few years, the tourism in India has witnessed a major boom. But here are a few reasons, why India’s tourism hasn’t achieved much in comparison to China.

Infrastructure:  While domestic travellers have quadrupled, Indian tourism didn’t see much development in its infrastructure. While roads may have become better, and a lot of online travel portals have born, what went missing is the infrastructure to take India’s tourism to a new high. There has hardly been any addition to new hotels. Compare this to China and you would be surprised to find Beijing has as many star-category hotel rooms as all of India.

Market size: Another primary reason for China’s growth in tourism market is its size. China is far larger than our country, packed with tonnes of tourist attractions. Also many foreign visitors coming to India prefer cultural and natural destinations and tend to stay away from the cities. However in China, cities are also major draws for the (foreign) travellers.

Expenses: Tax disparity in independent travel purchase is a major flaw in Indian travel ecosystem. There are just too many taxes, which makes travel expensive.

Communication: The quality of transportation infrastructure in China is light-years ahead of India, there’s simply no comparison. It is far easier and more comfortable for tourists in China than in India. China’s air, rail, and road networks are all faster, safer, and more modern than India’s.

Safety and security: India has witnessed countless instances of pickpockets, burglary, sexual assaults and scams against foreign tourists. There are tourist traps as well that make the country unsafe for travellers. There is very little for travellers to worry about in China. Violent crime and rape are almost unheard of. You can walk down dark city streets at night in China and have nothing to worry about.
(Author: Suchayan Mandal; Translated by: Chen Jun’an)

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