Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Wang Xiaoxiong Page No. : 05

Bangladesh plant trees to act as “lightning rods”

To prevent the tragic death of hundreds of people each year by lightning, Bangladesh plans to plant one million palm trees nationwide to act as “lightning rods”.

AFP reported on January 24 that data by different statistical agencies show that 200-400 people were struck by lightning in Bangladesh last year, with 82 people dying on a single day in May. Some experts say that part of the reason for lightning strikes is the lack of trees. Tree branches can absorb the impact of lightning, so that the electric current cannot harm humans.

Bangladesh’s Department of Disaster Management said that “one million palm trees will be planted by June this year to reduce the number of deaths due to lightning.” Some officials believe that there is a connection between the increase in number of lightning strikes in Bangladesh and chopping down of trees by farmers to make way for crops; and this measure needs to consider the growth time of palm trees. It is reported that Thailand had already adopted similar measures, with remarkable results. ▲

(Wang Xiaoxiong)

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