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By: Xinhua

NEW DELHI, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) — Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and U.S. President Donald Trump spoke to each other via phone Tuesday night, during which they discussed global terrorism and the security situation in South and Central Asia, apart from swapping invitations.

In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, Modi said the telephonic conversation was warm and both have decided to work closely to further strengthen bilateral ties.

“Had a warm conversation with President @realDonaldTrump late last evening. President @realDonaldTrump and I agreed to work closely in the coming days to further strengthen our bilateral ties,” Modi wrote. “Have also invited President Trump to visit India,” he added.

During the conversation, Trump “emphasised that the U.S. considers India a true friend and partner in addressing challenges around the world,” the White House said in a readout of the call.

The two leaders also discussed the security situation in South and Central Asia during their conversation and resolved that India and the U.S. will “stand shoulder to shoulder” to fight global terrorism, the White House said, adding that Trump has invited Modi to visit the U.S. later this year.

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