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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again taken a jibe at the country’s main opposition party, the Indian National Congress, dubbing it as a “sinking ship” and “history.”

“The Congress is a sinking ship. The Congress is history. It is on its last breath. The party is like water and changes its shape to suit its political needs,” Modi said as he kicked off a massive political rally in the northern Indian state of Punjab on Friday.

Urging voters not to vote for the Congress in the upcoming state assembly polls, Modi said: “The Congress is a strange party. It has no principles or rules”

At the rally, the prime minister also challenged the opposition parties to change the political discourse in India.

“The country has seen the politics of destruction for 70 years and the youths of this country are suffering due to it. If you want to do politics, do politics of development.”

Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party has formed a coalition with Shiromoni Akali Dal in the country, which it has been ruling for the past 10 years. Endit

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