Journal : PLA Daily (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 03

Foreign Ministry spokesperson says— Chinese Embassy in India making unremitting efforts for army veteran Wang Qi to return to China and visit his relatives

BEIJING, February 6, Xinhua (Reporter: Sun Chenxi) : Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Lu Kang said on February 6 that the Chinese Embassy in India is making unremitting efforts so that the Chinese soldier Wang Qi can return home to visit his relatives.

At a regular press conference on the same day, a reporter asked: We are all very concerned about the case of Wang Qi, a Chinese soldier in India who as an old man longs to be united with his family in China. Do you have any latest updates on this case? What have you done to help bring him back?

“We know that this case has been closely followed by the media, and we have already talked about the efforts made by the Chinese Embassy in India over recent years. Mr. Luo Zhaohui, Chinese Ambassador to India, also spoke with Mr. Wang over the phone the other day, as you may have noticed from the news coverage,” said Lu Kang.

He further said that the Chinese Embassy in India has been in contact with Mr. Wang over the past few years, making great efforts in smoothing the way for him to return and visit families in China which included communicating with the Indian side to timely process his exit and entry formalities. The Chinese Embassy in India issued a 10-year Chinese passport to him in 2013 and has been providing him with a certain amount of living allowances per annum since then. We believe that with the joint efforts of China and India and following the wishes of Mr. Wang, this case will come to a satisfactory ending.

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