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Afghan military kills 11 insurgents within day: government
02-08 18:52
Some 11 insurgents were killed after Afghan troops launched separate operations in nine of the country’s 34 provinces, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.
4 Haqqani militants killed in eastern Afghan drone strike: official
02-02 19:37
Four members of Haqqani militant group were killed by an airstrike in Afghanistan’s eastern province of Khost overnight, a local source said on Thursday.
Afghan troops kill 14 militants during special operations
02-02 18:39
Some 14 Taliban militants were killed and 17 others detained after Afghan army’s Special Forces conducted operations in two provinces Wednesday night, army sources said on Thursday.
4 killed, 12 injured in minibus-truck collision in W. Afghanistan
01-31 15:19
Four people were killed and 12 others wounded after a minibus collided head-on with a truck along a highway in Afghanistan’s western province of Herat on Tuesday, a local official said.
Afghan forces kill 4 militants in NE province
01-24 15:40
A total of four Taliban fighters have been killed and three others injured as clash flared up in Burka district of Afghanistan’s northern Baghlan province Monday night, a security official Abdul Khalil said Tuesday.
Afghan police defuse 5 improvised bombs in eastern province
01-24 15:09
The Afghan National Police (ANP) discovered and defused five Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) near a main foreign forces’ base in eastern province of Parwan on Monday, the Interior Ministry said on Tuesday.
Afghan peace council chief buried
01-23 18:46
The chairman of Afghan High Peace Council was buried after a funeral ceremony held here and attended by relatives and high-ranking officials on Monday.
Afghan forces kill 20 militants during 9 operations: gov’t
01-21 14:52
About 20 militants have been killed amid operations launched by Afghan security forces elsewhere in the country, the Interior Ministry said on Saturday.
Feature: Chinese companies, engineers braving perils to build better future for war-ravaged Afghanistan
01-16 19:13
Despite post-Taliban violence and conflict still occurring in Afghanistan, Chinese companies have been steadily accessing the war-torn country’s markets to play an active role in its reconstruction.
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