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  1. 发射记录及将打破 太空竞争正在升温



India’s challenging feat of launch of “104 satellites with one single rocket” today

本报驻印度特派记者    邹松。本报记者    杨檬    杜天琦

By Zou Song, special correspondent of Global Times in India; Yang Meng and Du Tianqi, staff reporters of Global Times


“Forget the US versus Russia. The real space race is taking place in Asia.” – such is the glaring title of the front page article on the official website of CNN. According to the article, India’s space agency will launch 104 satellites from a single rocket — a record feat that will cement the country’s space smarts after its successful Mars orbiter mission. The launch has almost tripled the previous record of 37 satellites Russia sent into orbit in 2014, and China and India both witnessed the successful launch of 20 satellites from a single rocket. The overwhelming opinion of the media says that the current task is “a far bigger challenge” for the space agency of India. On the other hand, some space scientists pointed out that India is actually “making significant contributions” to the making of space junks while trying to make big money with its space program. As a matter of fact, a large number of micro satellites to be launched with the rocket today are “of not actual use” at all. Besides, it becomes a matter of utmost importance for the legislation of space activities of all human beings, in consideration of the ever fiercer battles of multiple nations for their own substantial business profits and national strategic interests. According the reports by the Indian media, Cartosat-2 – the heaviest one among all satellites launched this time – is also undertaking the task of “monitoring China and Pakistan, India’s two important neighbors”.

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