Journal : PLA Daily Date : Author : NA Page No. : 4


Persisting in maintaining the false narrative of India having crossed an international boundary, and therefore being guilty of violating international law, including the UN Charter,  the article seeks to dwell on macro aspects of infra-structure development, road building in particular, in a bid to divert public attention away from the root cause of the Doklam stand-off, viz. the specific road China was attempting to build in a most sensitive border area.

Stands matters on their head in saying that India had seriously undermined strategic mutual trust between the two countries and brought great harm to the relations between China and India.

Concluding with a warning:

At present, there are two roads before the Indian side. One to immediately order its border troops to withdraw from China’s territory, and return to the peaceful coexistence track. The other is to be stubborn, and continue to seriously undermine peace and tranquility in the Sino-Indian border areas and (face) more serious consequences. It is hoped that the Indian side knows not to repeat historical mistakes of previous years and notes that the Chinese army’s determination is as important as the major principle of safeguarding national territorial sovereignty.

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