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20 east sea


“Warships have always been regarded as “mobile land platforms “, and there is a long history of friendly exchanges of warships between countries “. Gao Baoxin, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences, believes that the Navy constitutes an important part of military diplomacy, , as an important window for our military’s external contacts.

Gao Baoxin said: “visits by Navy warships are not only a special form of peaceful diplomacy of the party and the government, but also a way of improving China’s international status and show-casing China. They are an important way to promote the Navy’s revolutionization, modernization and regularization”.

However, due to special historical reasons, the PLA Navy did not send warships abroad initially after it was formed 36 years ago.

From November 1985 to January 1986, a  task force comprising of missile destroyer Hefei  and comprehensive supply ship Feng Cang led by the East China Sea Fleet Commander Nie Kuiju made an official visit to Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in South Asia.   “the name of the navy to visit formation”

In the early morning of December 8, 1985, the Navy’s friendly visiting fleet arrived at its first port of call – Pakistan’s largest port, Karachi. When it was 20 sea miles off Karachi, Pakistan sent two destroyers and two submarine hunters to welcome it. After their meeting, the Chinese Navy’s friendly visiting fleet slowly sailed into Karachi harbor and was warmly welcomed by the Pakistani Navy base commander and others.

On December 18th, the formation arrived at the second leg of the visit – Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. On December 26th, the formation paid a 4 day visit to Bangladesh at Chittagong. It ended its visit successfully on December 30th.

The voyage of formation through 5 sea areas and 7 channels over 12430 nautical miles was the first step taken by the Chinese naval warships towards the world.

Today, visits of Chinese naval vessels are commonplace. According to incomplete statistics, since the founding of new China, the navy has sent more than 40 ship formation to visit dozens of countries and regions on all five continents

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