Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Editorial Page No. : 7


Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi met visiting Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Asif, in Beijing on 8 July. After the talks, the Foreign Ministers of the two countries spoke highly of Sino Pakistani relations. Wang Yi said that Pakistan is a good brother and iron buddy of China, and spoke out (in favour) of Pakistan’s contribution to the global anti-terrorism efforts, namely that Pakistan had done a good job in the fight against terrorism,with a clear conscience, though some countries have still to do Pakistan justice (by acknowledging that).

In late August, President Trump, announcing a new U.S. strategy for Afghanistan, accused Pakistan of “sheltering” terrorist groups, saying the United States would not remain silent. The day before the BRICS Summit Xiamen Declaration for the first time pointed out a number of terrorist organization by name, including the Jaish-e-Mohamed and Lashkar-e-Toiba based in Pakistan, India media declared this to be, “an Indian diplomatic victory”, and “a Chinese concession made under pressure from India”.

This Indian media analysis is ridiculous. It has to be said that it reflects intellectual laziness to study the problem, and blind arrogance. Jaish-e-Muhammad and Lashkar-e-Toiba, Taliban have been on the list of terrorist organizations in the United Nations, and they are also classified as terrorist groups in Pakistan, and banned and checked. China agreement to include these terrorist groups in conjunction with the names of other terrorist groups, is in line with Pakistan’s official stance, and there is no gap between China and Pakistan on this issue.


(Concluding paragraph) Objectively speaking, if India wants to achieve sustainable development and prosperity, it must commit to peaceful resolution of disputes with neighboring countries, and adopt a good neighborly policy.  As India is already the world’s second largest economy, and China faces strategic pressure of the United States, India’s overall international strategic environment is superior. It should (however) not ask for trouble, else (even) contradictions with possibility of being resolved will get pushed in a hostile direction.

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