Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Senior Researcher at Pangu's think tank, executive director of the Indian Research Center Page No. : 7

9 brics


(concluding para)

India should realize that development is not only the most important proposition in BRICS, but also the most pressing requirement for India. India’s eventual withdrawal from Dong Lang cleared away the most direct obstacle to Prime Minister Modi’s participation in the BRICS Summit in Xiamen. This fully reflects India’s expectations and demands from the BRICS mechanism. Especially for the Modi government’s promotion of Indian manufacturing, smart cities, five economic corridors and other economic strategies, and specific plans for infrastructure construction and business environment reform, which well complement the  requirements of the BRICs mechanism. The development requirements of the Modi government’s reform measures are inseparable from the development and expansion of the BRICS mechanism.

India’s worries stem from its unidimensional awareness and judgment of its own interests and international cooperation mechanisms. It needs to shed suspicions and zero sum thinking, look at the long-term strategic picture and join in international cooperation, instead of worrying about “who will be the boss” and “who will lead”. Only then will it be able to shed these meaningless concerns. Otherwise, it will be broken sooner or later by mounting worries and missed developmental opportunities.

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