Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Editorial Page No. : 14

12 ed

Critical of MHA’s denial of permission to the Minister of Tourism of Kerala to visit China. Contrasts the small number of Chinese tourists to India — 200,000 — with the  much greater number little Sri Lanka is able to attract.

“………It seems that India is more watchful against China than even China is against countries like the United States. Though China also has a special reason to deny visa to foreigners, that is on the basis of some (uniformly followed) rule. For example certain individuals indulging in attacks on China or unacceptable activities may face difficulty in securing visa for entry for some time. But India’s practice does not appear to stem from any rules, New Delhi’s vigilance seems “all-encompassing.”

After the reopening of China and India border trade at the Nathu La border mart in 2006, many Chinese businessmen flocked to the Chinese side of the border trade mart, expecting a thriving opening. But the port is yet to see the light of day. The biggest reason is the  Indian side’s security shibboleths.

Indian society needs to emancipate the mind, and the primary meaning of emancipating the mind is not to view anyone as a potential enemy. There is obviously a game of  strategic contention between China and the United States, yet most Chinese do not regard the United States to be a definite “potential enemy”. Rather they consider that the the country faces the challenge of handling US-China relations well. China and Japan have structural contradictions, but only the current relationship between China and Japan is very bad and most Chinese people do not object  to improvement of Sino-Japanese relations,

During the Dong Lang confrontation, many Chinese advocated that India “be taught a lesson”, but afterwards very few Chinese people regard India as a “potential enemy” — as before the crisis, Its just that a large number of Chinese people now have a negative view of India. The development of Sino-Indian relations is still a pleasure for Chinese society.

In our eyes (view), India today is extremely petty minded indeed to inexplicably have (made) China its “potential enemy No.1”.  Aren’t the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and BRICS there?  Shouldn’t the two countries, the largest developing countries, speak together (and well of each other) ? India shelters the Dalai clique; what a huge “security threat” to China that is ? How come (then) that India feels threatened by China (the other way round) so readily — here, there and everywhere ? Did it (China) threaten it (India)?

Indian elites need to take a good look at the world (anew), and sort/straighten out their thinking (thought process/route).”


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