Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 7

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A Global Times reporter takes stock of the Indian media’s attitude towards China, maintaining that it is negative by and large.

It focuses on “India Today” in particular to make its points on the basis of the journal’s contents in recent times, especially its issue with a decapitated map of China sans Tibet and Taiwan on its cover (which has evidently hit hard). A veteran Chinese media man is quoted as saying “If it doesn’t cover China, it’s pretty good”.

Drawing attention to the dichotomy between the English language and “local” media, it says: “What is worth mentioning is that the public opinion environment in India can be divided into two camps: English and local languages. The former is inclined to current affairs, while the latter is concerned with people’s livelihood.”

Considers the Indian media to be biased and lacking in in-depth reporting on China, being based on subjective views in the absence of substantive content in the official briefings:

“In recent years, with increasing civil exchanges between China and India, Indian journalists are becoming more aware of China. They can be divided into two categories, one is “Chinese School”, Chinese footprints all over with appreciation for Chinese history and culture and fascination for governance and the development pattern of the Chinese government. Many advocate friendship and cooperation between China and India. Because of this, even when relations between China and India go down, a lot of journalists can be seen raising sound and rational voices. The other is the “stubborn Anti China”, some of them also visited China, but love to focus on corruption, disaster news and paying close attention to China’s military diplomacy, using the “Chinese threat” to resort to fabrication.”


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