Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 5


(The item refers to the increasingly widespread practice of faking fans of companies/products etc, deliberately created by unscrupulous IT firms in India for a fee, with a view to profiteering from projecting higher “visibility on Face book, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube and other major social networking sites” on the I-net.)


It is reported that, in addition to India,  there are many similar “point of praise companies” in the Philippines, Madagascar and Thailand, and some can also utilise special procedures for mobile phones to automatically point to, or act as, fan followers. France, an e-commerce expert said, was a particularly large market  in the context of “zombie powder” for global businesses seeking to expand their influence on the social media . What a business company is most concerned about is not the quality of its products, but its network visibility.

“With a French company, we can help them create customers with French names, and they will add comments to the company’s social media account.” As long as the company’s website server is in France, we guarantee that the comments are written in French, And also from French servers, just like real users writing the same comment”, the fan manufacturing company official said.

With fake praise fans to mislead consumer businesses, French politicians also use “zombie powder” for projecting increases in their own popularity.  Professional organizations consider that “zombie fans” could be as high as 60% of the fan following of the top five candidates in this year’s Presidential election This is mainly because according to French law, fake praise and false fans is not illegal; only false or malicious comments may be subject to legal sanctions.

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