8167: Chinese Internet companies favor Indian startup market People's Daily (Chinese)
8166: People-to-people friendship— Understanding the present by reviewing the past People's Daily (Chinese)
8165: Indian soldier shoots video to ridicule poor quality meals Global Times (Chinese)
8164: Restoration of Mao Zedong’s original condolence message commemorating Dr. Kotnis completed in India PLA Daily (Chinese)
8163: Indian-controlled Kashmir continues to encounter cold air; beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains brilliantly reflected Guangming Daily (Chinese)
8162: Explosions kill more than 20 in Afghan capital Kabul People's Daily (Chinese)
India’s Election Commission orders removal of all ads of political leaders from poll-bound states Xinhua net
8160: UN condemns terrorist attacks in Afghanistan Xinhua net
8159: UAE diplomats among injured in Afghan Kandahar blasts, Kabul toll rises to 28: officials Xinhua net
8158: 28 killed, 64 wounded after 2 explosions in Kabul Xinhua net
8157: Myanmar calls for contributing to peace fund Xinhua net
Myanmar gov’t appoints national security adviser Xinhua net
Nepal’s new law bars lawmakers from becoming bank directors Xinhua net
8154: China provides language training to tourism professionals in Nepal Xinhua net
8153: Sri Lanka starts impounding process at mega dam Xinhua net
8152: Sri Lanka faces steep rise in dengue cases Xinhua net
8151: Indian arms sale to Hanoi disturbing if aimed at China Global Times (English)
8150: As pollution continues to take a toll, Indians speak out about its effects between Beijing and Delhi Global Times (English)
28 killed, over 60 injured in Kabul’s two suicide bombings Global Times (English)
8148: Bangladesh fails to reduce child stunting China Daily (English)
8147: Afghan bomb killed five UAE humanitarian workers China Daily (English)
8146: Afghan bomb killed five UAE humanitarian workers China Daily (English)
8145: Indian minister says 30 percent driving licenses in country are bogus China.org (English)
8144: BRICS still playing an important role in international affairs China.org (English)
Photo Item: Movie ‘Buddies in India’ to hit screen on Jan. 28 China.org (English)
Ruiling party in India’s Tamil Nadu demands ordinance to revive banned Jallikattu bull fighting sport China.org (English)
8141: At least 30 killed, 80 wounded in Afghanistan twin blasts China.org (English)
8140: BRICS still playing an important role in international affairs ECNS