8801: Chinese enterprises set off a wave of investments in India People's Daily (Chinese)
8800: India invites Taiwan MPs; media speculates “retaliation against China” Global Times (Chinese)
8799: India’s air pollution poised to surpass China’s Global Times (Chinese)
8798: I helped India build “population database” Global Times (Chinese)
8797: Arms industry giants try to win over India by using “Asia’s largest Air Show” Global Times (Chinese)
8796: India to take up the challenge of launching 104 satellites on one rocket today Global Times (Chinese)
8795: Afghan President calls on Taliban to join peace process People's Daily (Chinese)
8794: Nepal education ministry officials take Chinese language course People's Daily (Chinese)
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Wang Xiaopeng, CEO of EyeSmart Technology Ltd (Beijing): How I helped India build its own “database of population information” Global Times (Chinese)
8791: Launching record soon to be broken, space race “heating up” Global Times (Chinese)
8790: Aviation giants trying to draw India to their side at Aero India 2017, “Asia’s largest aviation exhibition” Global Times (Chinese)
8789: 3 Indian troopers, militant killed in Indian-controlled Kashmir gunfight Xinhua (English)
8788: India successfully launches 104 satellites in single space mission Xinhua (English)
China assists most in renovating quake-hit pagodas in Myanmar’s Bagan: official Xinhua (English)
8786: India successfully launches 104 satellites in single space mission People's Daily (English)
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8784: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on visit of Taiwan legislators Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)