9024: India should form a active judgement on the Belt and Road Global Times (Chinese)
9023: The compaign of downsizing plate is started in India Global Times (Chinese)
9022: Anti-sexual harassment squad is set up in Indin, to which people’s reaction is mixed Global Times (Chinese)
9021: India competes with China for Tibetan medicine’s application for world natural heritage Global Times (Chinese)
9020: Suicide attack happened in Afghan Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
9019: The Belt and Road brings many opportunities to sustainable development PLA Daily (Chinese)
9018: The spokesman of China’s foreign minister saied PLA Daily (Chinese)
9017: Translate Chinese culture and introduce to Myanmar Guangming Daily (Chinese)
9016: Pour combined power into the construction of The Belt and Road Guangming Daily (Chinese)
9015: Chinese companies invest in Nepal to promote development People's Daily (Chinese)
9014: Federal Day is celebrated in Myanmar.( PLA Daily (Chinese)