9645: Indian women wear bullhead headgears (burqas) seeking protection Global Times (Chinese)
9644: Chinese side comes up with new evidence, demands India withdraw its troops Global Times (Chinese)
Sikkim annexed, Bhutan oppressed; India’s hegemony ought to be ended Global Times (Chinese)
9642: Indian riots led to the closure of Internet services by regional governments Global Times (Chinese)
9641: Indian Prime Minister visits Israel for the first time in 70 years Global Times (Chinese)
9640: India should immediately pull back its troops (who made an) illegal intrusion across the border as concrete action to correct mistake PLA Daily
9639: Qi Xuchun met with Nepalese Vice President Poon People's Daily (Chinese)
9638: India has more in common with China than with US China Daily (English)
9637: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Doklam stand-off Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)