National Development Bank of China chasing “long standing debts” in India Global Times (Chinese)
India cheers “bagging” of Singapore military base cooperation agreement Global Times (Chinese)
10580: Indian soldiers ordered to shun WeChat and Weibo Global Times (Chinese)
10579: First on-site energy project of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor operational People's Daily (Chinese)
“South-South Cooperation Assistance Fund” commences with aid to Pakistan project People's Daily (Chinese)
American policy towards Afghanistan appears to be at an “inflection point” People's Daily (Chinese)
10576: Elections in Nepal: expecting a more prosperous way forward Global Times (English)
10575: India frontier troops forced to delete Chinese apps over alleged security concerns People's Daily (English)
10574: Ivanka visits India and praises Modi‘s extraordinary achievements Global Times (Chinese)
Good or bad governance in China and India can be seen from “toilet revolution” Global Times (Chinese)
10572: Not wanting to lose out to China, India helps Rohingyas Global Times (Chinese)
10571: Pope meets Aung San Suu Kyi, no mention of Rohingyas Global Times (Chinese)
10570: Warship Yuncheng participates in wrecked planes search and rescue exercise PLA Daily (Chinese)
10569: Afghan military kills 35 militants in air attack explosion PLA Daily (Chinese)
‘Silk Road Dialogues’ deepens UDNP, Himalayan Consensus Institute cooperation China Daily (English)
10567: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10566: Smaller Asian nations don’t want to pick sides Global Times (English)
10565: China ready to support Nepal on path to prosperity, whoever wins elections Global Times (English)
10564: Modi entertains Ivanka on longest dining table in the world Global Times (Chinese)
Spotlight on Chinese naval ships’ participation in Indian Ocean Naval Forum multilateral maritime search and rescue exercise for first time PLA Daily (Chinese)
Indian banknote “demonetisation scheme” doesn’t change the “cash reigns supreme” phenomenon People's Daily (Chinese)
10561: Indian Madhya Pradesh province wants to death penalty for raping minors Global Times (Chinese)
Chinese enterprise: Gwadar port revenue share gives full consideration to Pakistan’s interests Global Times (Chinese)
Western countries keenly follow Aung San Suu Kyi’s visit to China at this special time Global Times (Chinese)
10558: 4th China Higher Education Exhibition held in Yangon People's Daily (Chinese)
10557: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10556: Pope should avoid complicating Rohingya crisis on visit Global Times (English)
10555: Rising signs for a regional S.C Sea solution Global Times (English)
10554: Enhancing development through China-Myanmar economic corridor Global Times (English)
India sets up women’s mounted police to check crimes against women People's Daily (Chinese)
Nepal’s national elections lead to talk of “covert war between China and India” Global Times (Chinese)
10551: Pope goes to Myanmar to mediate in Rohingya crisis Global Times (Chinese)
Clearing action by Afghanistan’s military takes 41 militants’ casualties People's Daily (Chinese)
10549: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10548: New Delhi reads too much into Nepal’s historic polls Global Times (English)
10547: China’s pragmatic solution to Rohingya crisis Global Times (English)
10546: Indian Ocean military drill irresponsible: experts Global Times (English)
10545: Xi Jinping meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar People's Daily (Chinese)
10544: Xi Jinping meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar PLA Daily (Chinese)
10543: Xi Jinping meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10542: Xi Jinping meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
10541: China ready to continue to play constructive role in handling Rakhine State issue Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10540: China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand carry out joint patrols on Mekong river PLA Daily (Chinese)
India considered to be “weak link” in quadrilateral military cooperation Global Times (Chinese)
10538: Indian train goes 160 kilometers in wrong direction Global Times (Chinese)
Indian official criticised for describing cancer as “divine retribution” Global Times (Chinese)
Shocking case of “sexual assault” on female student by 4-year-old boy in India Global Times (Chinese)
10535: 25 casualties in suicide attack in Afghanistan PLA Daily (Chinese)
10534: Xu Qiliang meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar PLA Daily (Chinese)
10533: Xu Qiliang meets Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar People's Daily (Chinese)
10532: German media: Beijing is a step ahead of the EU in Myanmar Global Times (Chinese)
US accuses Myanmar of “ethnic cleansing” Global Times (Chinese)
10530: Enjoy slowness of time in Myanmar train Global Times (Chinese)
10529: Enlightenment under the Sri Lankan tree for two thousand years Global Times (Chinese)
10528: New Indian aircraft carrier to probably abandon Russian carrier based plane Global Times (Chinese)
10527: Expert Comment: China and India should be a community of shared civilization and destiny Global Times (Chinese)
10526: It is hoped Indian side will safeguard overall interests of the two sides and not complicate boundary issue Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
10525: Indian Ambassador to China assumes office today Global Times (Chinese)
10524: Difficult to find toilets Global Times (Chinese)
10523: India New Delhi looks for ways to deal with haze People's Daily (Chinese)
10522: Indian media: The way to deal with pollution in Delhi, learn from China Global Times (Chinese)
10521: Chinese side is firmly opposed to activities of Indian leaders in disputed areas PLA Daily (Chinese)
“One Belt One Road overseas Chinese philanthrophy centre” helps restore vision of 200 cataract patients in Myanmar. People's Daily (Chinese)
10519: China proposes establishment of a China-Myanmar economic corridor Global Times (Chinese)
10518: Myanmar President Wu Tingjue met with Wang Yi People's Daily (Chinese)
10517: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Bangladesh, Myanmar Rohingya issue Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
China’s solution to Rakhine crisis practical, constructive China Daily (English)
India looks at “airport leasing” with visit of the Sri Lanka Minister Global Times (Chinese)
10514: Indian test-firing of air-based anti-ship missile successful PLA Daily (Chinese)
10513: Chinese mobile phones win over Indian market People's Daily (Chinese)
10512: China, Pakistan navies conduct joint drill PLA Daily (Chinese)
10511: Li Zuocheng holds talks with Commander in Chief of Defense Forces of Myanmar PLA Daily (Chinese)
10510: A regional solution needed for South China Sea Global Times (English)
10509: Editorial: White Paper reveals Australia’s anxiety Global Times (English)
10508: Nature of Rohingya crisis not up to Washington to define Global Times (English)
10507: British media cries hoarse at inability to compete with India for seat on Court Global Times (Chinese)
10506: Dancing in the blue sky, passing on the brotherly camaraderie of China and Pakistan PLA Daily (Chinese)
10505: China-Myanmar economic corridor could stabilize region China Daily (English)
10504: 2 Indians dead in gun battles in Indian-controlled Kashmir PLA Daily (Chinese)
10503: Li Zuocheng meets guests from Pakistan PLA Daily (Chinese)
10502: Indian media mentions construction of military hot line between India and China Global Times (Chinese)
10501: Chinese companies quietly making big investments in India? Global Times (Chinese)
Indian media hype “setback to China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” Global Times (Chinese)
10499: Wang Yi to visit Bangladesh and Myanmar enroute to 13th Asia-Europe Foreign Ministers Meeting People's Daily (Chinese)
10498: India goes for price war with China on satellite launches Global Times (Chinese)
10497: Chinese Navy participates in multilateral exercises of Indian Ocean Naval Forum for the first time People's Daily (Chinese)
10496: Preventing crisis and conflict in the Himalayas:A joint Himalayan Consensus and UNDP Initiative China Daily (English)
10495: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Bangladesh, Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10494: India alleges Foxconn postpones plans to set up factories in India Global Times (Chinese)
10493: Nepal retracts on agreement to build hydropower station with Chinese enterprise Global Times (Chinese)
Myanmar military investigation claims “no atrocities” in Rakhine State Global Times (Chinese)
10491: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on bilateral relations Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10490: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on US,Japan, Australia, India Quadrilateral Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
‘Indo-Pacific’ an ‘America First’ ploy China Daily (English)
10488: Trump’s new Asia strategy strokes India’s false pride Global Times (English)
10487: Australia rejoining Quad will not advance regional prosperity, unity Global Times (English)
10486: Trump promotes Indo-Pacific for US benefits Global Times (English)
India considers itself important pivot of US’ Asia strategy Global Times (Chinese)
10484: New Delhi in a dilemma over odd-even number-plate restrictions Global Times (Chinese)
10483: Indian girl to sing in 85 languages Global Times (Chinese)
10482: Editorial: ‘Indo-Pacific’ a new term for old anxieties Global Times (English)
10481: US pressure on Myanmar shows flimsy friendship Journal Not Selected
10480: Editorial: China and ASEAN can safeguard stability in South China Sea China Daily (English)
Famous Indian city denies “clearing out beggars” for Ivanka Global Times (Chinese)
10478: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Indo-Pacific and Quadrilateral Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10477: Asia rising on mutually beneficial policy China Daily (English)
10476: A real competition between China and India Global Times (English)
Why joining Quad is not in Australia’s national interest Global Times (English)
10474: China may inspire India about smog control Global Times (English)
Pakistani media: “Guangming” tour to help build “China-Pakistan medical corridor” Global Times (Chinese)
10472: Warship Qi Jiguang arrives in Sri Lanka for a friendly visit PLA Daily (Chinese)
Asia-Pacific’s role vital to free trade China Daily (English)
Asia-Pacific’s role vital to free trade China Daily (English)
Will Korea participate in “India-Pacific strategy”? South Korea changed its stance thrice in a day Global Times (Chinese)
10467: India secretly invites U.S. military representatives to enter Russian nuclear submarine Global Times (Chinese)
Indian opposition party claims 2 per cent fall in GDP growth due to “demonetisation” Global Times (Chinese)
10465: Indian teenager brutally murders eight-year-old for delay in exam Global Times (Chinese)
“REVERSING” (THE HEAD) Global Times (Chinese)
10462: Aung San Suu Kyi slams UN condemnatory statement Global Times (Chinese)
‘America First’ shadows US-Japan alliance Global Times (English)
10460: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on US President Trump and Afghanistan, Pakistan and South Asia Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Chinese delegation’s cross-border railway investigatations give hope to Nepalese Global Times (Chinese)
10457: IS attack Television station in Kabul Global Times (Chinese)
10456: China’s tenacity to pursue dialogue pays off Global Times (English)
10455: Business mindset central to Trump’s Asia trip Global Times (English)
10454: Can pragmatic Trump promote regional order? Global Times (English)
10452: Two nation tour of acrobatic team (in Dubai and Pakistan) PLA Daily (Chinese)
10451: Air Force August 1 acrobatic team to perform in Dubai and Pakistan People's Daily (Chinese)
10450: Chinese, Nepali officials discuss cross-border railway Global Times (English)
10448: West needs to adjust its thinking on icon of Myanmar Global Times (English)
10447: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Arunachal Pradesh Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
US’ Asia policy in spotlight China Daily (English)
10445: Can Trump get what he wants from Asia trip? Global Times (English)
Editorial: Trump’s Asia policy can’t follow in Obama’s footprints Global Times (English)
10442: Editorial: US should erase the Cold War mentality with China Global Times (English)
Senior Indian military officials claim “need to guard every entrance to Indian Ocean” Global Times (Chinese)
10440: Power plant boiler explosion in Uttar Pradesh, India kills 26 People's Daily (Chinese)
10439: Power plant explosion in India raises public security concerns again Global Times (Chinese)
Aung San Suu Kyi’s first visit to Rohingya region Global Times (Chinese)
China’s “2017 lost eyesight recovery philanthrophic activity” proceeds apace in Naypyidaw People's Daily (Chinese)
Zero-sum mindset bad tack for ‘Indo-Pacific’ China Daily (English)
10434: The explosion (in UP, India) Global Times (Chinese)
10433: Nepal commences Chinese language classes for diplomats Global Times (Chinese)
10432: Wang Yang meets Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Marapan People's Daily (Chinese)
10431: Wang Yang meets Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Marapan Guangming Daily (Chinese)
10430: Tempo driver in Bangaldesh accuses film star of leaking his phone number Global Times (Chinese)
Dissatisfied with arranged marriage, Pakistani woman kills 17 in husband’s family with poison Global Times (Chinese)
10428: Containing China a no-win for Abe Global Times (English)
10427: Chinese dancer’s Hindi moves prove a hit with Indian fans Global Times (English)
10426: Foreign Ministry Spokesperson on Bhutan, Doklam and UNSC 1267 Committee Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
10425: Indian politician makes pet dog popular as an instant online celebrity Global Times (Chinese)
10424: Explosion in Kabul Jiefang Daily (Chinese)
10423: Trump’s Asia policy needs to be mutually beneficial Global Times (English)