Journal : Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Date : Author : NA Page No. : NA

Extracts from Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Lu Kang’s Regular Press Conference on January 8, 2018


Q: Yesterday, a White House official said China could play a role in convincing Pakistan for dismantling terrorist safe havens. And he also said Washington is seeking to work with Beijing and other regional players to prevail on Islamabad to act on whatever President Trump prompts most recently. China has been defending Pakistan in recent weeks. In light of this, will China be cooperating with America to convince Pakistan to crack down on terrorists in Pakistan?

A: Terrorism is a common enemy for all mankind, and fighting against it needs the collective efforts of the international community. China consistently opposes linking terrorism with any specific country, nor approves shifting the whole responsibility onto one specific country. We have said many times that Pakistan has made important contributions as well as enormous sacrifices to the fight against terrorism. Pakistan deserves full acknowledgement from the international community on its counter-terrorism efforts. All countries shall enhance counter-terrorism cooperation and benefit from synergy while bearing in mind mutual respect and equality, rather than hurling accusations and pressurizing upon each other which works against the international community cooperating effectively against terrorism.

You said that China has been defending Pakistan. The thing is we are rightfully defending all countries that are doing their bit against terrorism, not just Pakistan.

You also asked whether we would cooperate with the US. Like I said, China supports and actively participates in the international counter-terrorism cooperation that is built on mutual respect and equality.

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