Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : Xian Yang Page No. : 5

23 english

Indian rural students are getting better and better at English, but their native language skills are declining. According to a report in the “Times of India” of the 22nd, latest survey data reveals that more than 58% of the nearly 30,000 rural students aged 14 to 18 in 24 Indian states can read basic English sentences, and 79% of these students can tell the correct meaning of these sentences. However, 25% of students are unable to read basic texts in their mother tongue fluently. It reported that, although India’s official language is Hindi and English, there are another 21 languages which ​​are defined as local (provincial) official languages. According to Ganguly, former Chairman of the Central Board of Secondary Education in India, Indian rural students hope to improve their English proficiency, which is related to recognition of the importance of language skills by parents. However, teaching of the mother-tongue is not given due weightage during schooling. “If children have a good native language skills, thy would be able to learn English and other languages better”.

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