Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 6


On the issue of the South China Sea dispute, China has exerted itself to the utmost to avoid armed clashes with Southeast Asian countries. These disputes are sometimes sharpened by U.S. intervention and positioning itself alongside China’s rivals. While it is very clear that Beijing will not be provoked into losing its good sense, it can by no means remain indifferent unquestioningly to Washington’s siege tactics seeking to control its neighboring countries — Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and India — tightly. Keeping in view its needs of national strategic security, China has put forward the “Belt and Road Initiative” as an alternative to the Strait  of Malacca through which most of China’s commercial transport passes.


The successful construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will herald Pakistan’s victory over its rivals.  Sun Tzu’s advice is relevant here: the greatest victory in war is to “subdue (your enemy) without fighting”. This is the reason why China has consistently won without fighting.


(By M. Ali Baloch, Chen Yi)

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