Journal : Global Times (Chinese) Date : Author : NA Page No. : 15

The crisis in Maldives is being described by some in the Indian and Western media as a “breaking point” between New Delhi and Beijing. It is important to prevent the situation from being driven by this fantasy in the interest of helping Maldives properly resolve this crisis, safeguarding the fundamentals of the Sino-Indian relationship and maintaining The peace and stability in the Indian Ocean region.


………we have not given top priority to dispelling India’s doubts (about China’s strategic goals inn South Asia). It will be very helpful for China and India to carry out strategic communication through diplomatic channels in the wake of this crisis in Maldives. Beijing and New Delhi need to understand each other’s deepest thinking and concerns and prevent the crisis in Maldives from triggering a new crisis between China and India. This will be the best policy for both sides and will also play an active facilitating role for ensuring a soft landing of the country.


China must make every effort to dispel India’s doubts about China and Maldives as much as possible. China and India should reach a consensus that it is impossible for India to completely control the Maldives in an era of globalization and that it will not be possible for China to replace India as another big country dominating it. If China and India compete in Maldives, neither side will be able to overwhelm the other or gain victory for all time to come.


The Maldives should become a testing ground for resolving mutual suspicions between China and India, especially New Delhi’s suspicion of Beijing. The best way to do this is by letting the Maldives do its own thing. Maldives must be able to ensure the safety of investment of both China and India at the same time and make the legal rights of foreigners in the country the same for all countries.

India needs to give up its privileged way of thinking in South Asia. When developing relations with South Asian countries, China also needs to consider India’s feelings. In the process, both China and India ought to abide by the generally accepted international rules so as to maximise mutual understanding. Both countries should clarify that the highest priority for both countries is to speed up economic and social development. If the two countries paint themselves into the corner of geopolitical competition, future historians of China and India will have to sigh.

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